13 Sleepwalkers Share Their Craziest Nocturnal Adventures

Alex Bamford

I personally find sleepwalking to be totally terrifying…and I’ve done it several occasions. I’ve never left the house or anything, but it’s enough to creep you out the next day when you hear you were walking around mumbling about random things.

These 13 AskReddit users had sleepwalking experiences of their own. Read below to see how their nocturnal jaunts turned out.

1. Toenails

I woke up on my floor screaming with my foot covered in blood in the middle of the night. Woke up everyone in the house and was rushed to the hospital. We later looked at the blood on the carpet and moved furniture and figured out that I most likely had repeatedly dragged my dresser over my foot, ripping out a couple of toenails. Pretty scary to wake up with my foot covered in blood not knowing what happened.

On a lighter note, one time I flipped my mattress over completely and slept under it in my sleep, woke up completely confused.

2. Black Shape

Only ever happened one time.

I was met in a dream by my doppelgänger. She was a mirror image of myself, but more beautiful. Her eyes were bluer, her teeth whiter, her complexion clearer, her hair a shinier, longer blonde. She said, “When you dream, you’re in my world. I want to live in your world. I want to trade places with you.” I grabbed my cellphone, backing out of my apartment with my eyes on her, when a black shape exploded from a nearby closet flying…straight at me. I turned and ran out my front door, and was headed down the narrow staircase of the old house I lived in when I heard a low, gravely voice say “Where ya goin’ Dolly?” The black shaped whisked around the corner and then, it was upon me.

I awoke in a crumpled heap on the staircase, my cellphone gripped tightly in my white fist.

3. Good ol’ Dad

My dad used to sleepwalk. One time, he woke up one morning and had about six cats sitting with him on the couch. They all had owners. According to his next door neighbor, who was very nosy, she saw my dad running around luring these cats with food and bringing them home with him in the middle of the night. He has no memory of doing that and can’t explain why he didn’t wake up to the meowing and scratching the cats made.

Luckily he didn’t get charged with animal kidnapping but had to start tying his feet to the bed post so there wasn’t anymore incidents for a few years. We also learned that my dad was allergic to cats, so there’s that.

4. That’s where they belong

I don’t sleepwalk much anymore but about a year ago I put several pairs of shoes in the fridge.

5. Ambien

I have an ambien prescription and I often cook ambitious meals at night, with no memory in the morning. It’s not unusual for my roommates to find me cooking bacon at 3am. At first it was concerning, what if I burn down the house? However my unconscious self is extremely diligent- I ALWAYS clean up entirely, and usually end up cleaning the entire kitchen.

6. Nice move

I peed down the stairs onto my dad once.

7. Lost in the hotel

One time in a hotel, my little brother left the room and walked down the hall before waking up. He didn’t know our room number.