13 Struggles of Socially Distanced Zoom Classes

Ever since March, we’ve been living with a new normal. Quarantine, forest fires, the universe generally falling apart have confined to our homes like mice in a box. With fall finally here, students are going back to school in an entirely different way – mostly online.

These 13 people confessed the struggles of resuming their students through online class.

1. The WiFi sucks

We’ve all had those days when our WiFi just won’t cooperate with us, but this teacher just takes it too far.

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2. Forgetting to mute your mic

Looks like someone’s a mini-Karen.

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3. You’ve got the wrong file

This student didn’t double-check before they hit the upload button.

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4. A little bit of that webcam magic

Sometimes, you might be better off just keeping up the illusion.

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5. Getting real casual

Professionalism – who is she? It’s a lost art at this point, since we’re all talking to each other through screens in dress shirts and pajama pants.

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6. Tough class

Seriously? There must be some better solution than this.

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7. Butterfingers

Your coffee jitters just might cost you an entire assignment.

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8. Karma’s a b*tch

This person really just got what they were asking for.

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9. Awkward introductions

Ice breakers are uncomfortable enough, but now you might have to do them twice.

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10. More microphone drama

Nothing like an early morning serenade.

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11. For those creative types

Hope you like the sound of tap class at 8AM!

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12. Digital dress codes

It’s hard to be motivated to put on real clothes when you’re stuck in your bedroom all day.

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13. Interesting hobby

I’m sure Johnny Knoxville wouldn’t mind, but your classmates might.

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It seems like there’s no end in sight when it comes to the madness of quarantine. Guess we should all invest in really good webcams, USB mics, and that brain chip Elon Musk is developing.

What are some of your online class struggles? Share in the comments below!