13 Things People Do and Never Tell Anybody About

Human beings are all individuals and very different in so many ways, but when you sit down and listen to other people, it’s often surprising how much we all have in common, too.

Of course, before the internet, no one talked about the mundane, funny parts of life the way we do now – which honestly, is only bringing us all closer together!

And if you’re a human being and not a pod person, there’s a good chance you’ve had these 14 thoughts at some point in your life.

13. You think someone would have figured it out by now.

Tissues? Hugs? What face am I supposed to be making?

12. It’s never just three minutes though, let’s be honest.

Whoever invented the snooze button is definitely in hell.

11. We all turn into boy scouts, suddenly.

You just never know what might happen to your underwear.

14. Only people who hate being the center of attention will really feel this one.

Why are you all looking at me, I just threw a heavy ball down a slick lane?!

9. Those are scary moments for all of us.

You tell yourself it won’t happen again, and yet…

8. And also you pretend you know where your organs are.

Pretty sure that’s my appendix. Or my kidney?

7. And you realize immediately that you’ve failed again.

My best hope is that they have done the same thing so I feel less bad.

6. Way, way too often.

I am so envious of people who can hide their feelings.

5. Why is it so, so hard the older you get?

Your body just wants to wake up.

4. More than anyone would care to admit.

Sometimes daydreaming is okay, though!

3. That last 60 seconds of a cardio set is eternity.

I think they slow down the time just to mess with your head.

2. See also: curbs.

No, I’m not at all a good driver, why do you ask?

1. There are entirely too many songs to choose from, right?

Not as many good songs, but enough.

This is honestly one of my favorite things about the internet – it’s so wholesome and connective!

Have you done all of these things? If you haven’t, I’d like to see your human card!