People Are Sharing All Weird The Things We Do — But Never Really Talk About

Image Credit: Twitter

The human experience is meant to be shared (a fact we’re all learning again in these crazy days), but before the advent of the internet, it was harder for people to really understand that, at our cores, we’re all the same.

Now that we have platforms that exist to encourage us to vomit our every last thought, it’s clear to see that while we all have our quirks, we share more of them than we might have thought.

Just go ahead and see if you can make it through this list of 13 oddly human traits without finding one you could have tweeted yourself.

13. Sometimes I refuse and move on. For now.

If I can’t use Apple Pay or PayPal, it’s not happening.

12. It’s true we don’t think of our cars as “heavy machinery.”

Which is maybe why so many people think it’s okay to text and drive?

11. While swearing you’re going to get into better shape asap.

I’ve also been known to hold off on Marco Polos for this very same reason.

10. Yes, nostalgia.

But also this totally works as an adult, too.

9. I love how we all just don’t move like that makes us invisible.

More proof that we never really grow up.

8. I mean, NO ONE? That’s rough.

Don’t try to explain why it’s funny, though. Just don’t.

7. It’s part of the psychological test, I’m pretty sure.

See also: cows, llamas, alpacas, et al.


6. I’ve gotta think experienced sales clerks can sense this.

You don’t work with people as a career and not learn a thing or two.

5. I do this all the time.

Not saying we’re not stupid, though.


4. Why is the honest truth, though?

Idk why anyone uses Word unless they just have no other choice.

3. We humans are a complicated lot.

Anything that was basically a bit on Seinfeld is always true.

2. As a mother, yes.

And also as a waitress and someone who used online dating.

1. And then you just can’t let it go.

You’d better go find yours right now I know you’re thinking about it.

I know I’m guilty of most of these (not that that’s a bad thing!).

Which of these do you do the most? Are you not guilty of any? Confessions in the comments!