13 Things Pretty Much Every Millennial Has Done

Even if we all know that stereotypes aren’t fair and don’t describe every individual in  given group, there is a reason that we employ them on a regular basis – largely because they’re funny.

Also, though, a large portion of that group probably does identify, and if you’re a millennial, there’s a really good chance you do or have done these 13 things.

13. That was painful to read.

Surprising that any of us got married, really.


12. Life is not a musical.

But it would be a lot better if it was.

11. Do they, though?

I bet they don’t know what it smells like right after you rewind it, though.

10. We don’t want anyone to think we’re serious.

Even though we’re seriously giving you the side-eye.

9. It’s a stream of consciousness.

We hav a lot of thoughts, ok?


8. You’ve got to let that go.

You’re old now. You’re done being cool.

7. I don’t even know what that is.

(Said the “elder” millennial).

6. OK this one is true.

Someone explain it to me, ok?

5. I think it’s our general despair.

Because nothing has been like we were promised.

4. Because being old is the best.

The pressure to be cool and stuff is off.

3. We’re loud and proud.

Nevermind what everyone else says.

2. This is a tricky one these days.

It was just formative for so many of us.

1. Food without garlic is sad.

That’s just facts.

If you’re a millennial, do these hit the nail on the head?

Tell us why or why not in the comments!