One Millennial Boss On Why Their Gen Z Staff Is Actually The Best

We hear a lot about the generation wars in the media. It can seem like everyone thinks their way is the best and to heck with everyone else, but in reality, most of us are working together in one way or another.

This millennial boss has tons of employees from Gen Z, and if you’re wondering, they say it’s actually one of the best parts about their job at the moment.

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Boss Tommy Flaim owns Fox & Robin, a brand of workout clothes focused on social responsibility and environmental impact. They strive to produce clothing ethically and to give back at least some of their profits to environmental causes.

In his now-viral TikTok video, Flaim shared hilarious emails from some of his Gen Z staff, and people were immediately charmed.

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It’s mostly funny sign-offs, the first of which is “Apologies for existing :’).”

Then came a tongue-in-cheek “talk soon loser,” which must have taken balls.

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And maybe my favorite (but also I hate it), “hasta la pasta.”

If you’re loving these, check out the entire video because there are many more to love, too.

The comments were people digging the laid-back, fun company vibe.

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“Gen X here, my boss just had a word with me for using smiling emojis! Must be nice to go to work and just be yourself.”

I think we’d all agree with that, and I mean, come on – smiling emojis are the order of the day, people!

Buzzfeed spoke with Tommy about what he’s learned while working with a primarily Gen Z staff.

“They really want to work for companies that align with their values, and they hate greenwashing. Morale is highest when they’re convinced the company they work for is doing the right thing behind closed doors day in and day out.”

Even though they’re funny and prone to using humor in the office, Tommy says he has no trouble motivating them to work, either.

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“As it relates to the emails, they know when to be professional and ‘turn it on.’ The emails you see are obviously very silly and unhinged, but that’s purely internal communications. Having said that, I think the reason this video is resonating with so many people is that millennials and Gen Z’ers are sick of stiff corporate jargon/pleasantries. It feels fake pretending like you’re thrilled to do a work-related task on a Friday afternoon. At Fox & Robin, we try to keep it real.”

The video has earned Fox & Robin tons of a attention, with tons of new followers and recent graduates reaching out looking for jobs.


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If we can learn anything at all from Gen Z, it just might be that we don’t have to compromise when it comes to finding a job.

It seems like it is possible to work for someone you respect, have fun, and make a difference all at the same time.

Who knew?