13 Times People Fell for Satirical Jokes Online

It’s hard to believe that The Onion has been around for over 30 years. But, they’re around for a good reason: they still consistently publish hilarious satirical articles with headlines that make us LOL.

Well, they make most of us LOL…

Because there are still a lot of folks out there who don’t take the time to do 3 seconds of research to find out if a headline is true or just meant to be humorous.

And that’s why I love these examples of people falling for satirical headlines hook, line, and sinker! We think these examples are going to make you laugh. Let’s check them out.

1. Oops, they did it again!

You can’t leave the babies in there!

I don’t think I can trust you though
by inAteTheOnion

2. Jesus, take the wheel.

This sounds like blasphemy to me…

Calm down mate, recall where you are..
byu/XAYADVIRAH inAteTheOnion

3. Open to new methods.

It could work…give it a shot!

Spray my kids in the eyes with vinegar? I’m open to it!
byu/JadedAyr inAteTheOnion

4. Nice to meet you!

How could anyone fall for this one?

Didn’t Take Long
byu/enkidomark inAteTheOnion

5. This chimp is going to be a hero.

But it will come at a price…

“One giant leap for apekind”
byu/berryjuicing inAteTheOnion

6. How could they do this?!?!

I don’t see her being able to pull this off…

Since posting, someone tried to tell her in the comments and she’s still arguing..
byu/wphelps153 inAteTheOnion

7. The man is dedicated to his craft.

I can’t wait to see this!

“couldn’t they use just use puppets”
byu/ASOIAF_AR inAteTheOnion

8. A lot of research went into this.

I’m glad scientists finally figured this out.

At least she’s not wrong.
byu/GrrRooRoo inAteTheOnion

9. We got a debate going on here.

I totally missed The Rapture, by the way…

People just can’t accept facts.
byu/Mm2k inAteTheOnion

10. Did you know this?

A little-known Hollywood fact.

Dear old Sarah here has some interesting opinions about this particular movie detail.
byu/123batman456 inAteTheOnion

11. It really happened!

You didn’t hear about this?

Wiil do anything for clicks!!
byu/shreddedcheese42069 inAteTheOnion

12. This is hilarious because we’ve all seen this in a hotel.

But one person didn’t catch on…

what in the hell
byu/lupitakonalt inAteTheOnion

Will they ever learn…? Probably not!

How about you? Do you know any people in your life who fall for satirical headlines and articles like these?

If so, please tell us all about it in the comments. Thanks!