I have to think that, after the last several years, there are more and more people out there who know what it’s like to live with anxiety.

There are also those of us who have lived with it for years, and yeah – it’s real and it’s rough at times.

If you’ve lived with anxiety for any portion of time, these 13 super real posts should totally resonate.

13. Oh wait it’s me.

If it’s you, too, let’s me friends.

Here’s some abuse from socialanxiety

12. We can literally overthink anything.

And honestly everything.

Every time from socialanxiety

11. Well isn’t that fun.

Note: It is the opposite of fun.

10. Man I hate yelling.

So do sensitive people everywhere.

Too sensitive? from socialanxiety

9. Build a better box.

Maybe that’s the right answer after all.

My life from socialanxiety

8. There’s no way to win.

It can honestly feel that way some days.

Lol from socialanxiety

7. Both can happen at once.

Isn’t that fun?

It’s a vicious cycle from socialanxiety

6. Social anxiety does have its perks.

Or at least one of them.

It’s me every freakin day lmao 🤣 from socialanxiety

5. You don’t want to go anywhere.

Try to remember that even when you’re feeling nice.

Anyone else? from socialanxiety

4. We never come up with the good ones until later.

Usually in the shower where no one can hear us scream.

"Don’t dwell on things" they tell me… Meanwhile from socialanxiety

3. What if I forget to take them off?

I would look like even more of an idiot wouldn’t that be awful?

Yeah. from socialanxiety

2. We have so much hope when we make the plans.

We ignore the fact that we know for sure we’re not going to want to go.

*checks excuse book* from socialanxiety

1. It can take time to recover.

Maybe a lot of time.

Now time to hibernate. from socialanxiety

I’m feeling seen, y’all, how about you?

What are your best tips for getting through anxious episodes? Share them with us in the comments!