12 Posts That Will Validate Your Social Anxiety

Honestly, y’all, I don’t know how people are managing to not have social anxiety these days. Are they just super chill? Don’t watch the news? Have bunches of money?

All three?

For the rest of us, anxiety is a daily bit of business, and so at least once we read these 12 posts we’ll feel less alone.

That’s something right?

12. Plus lots of internal creaming.

Just say no to making phone calls.

You are not supposed to call!
byu/sdeepak23 insocialanxiety

11. What about when there were plenty of other seats?

Those people are monsters.

byu/ThrowRA_Concern insocialanxiety

10. It’s cool to be both people.

You’re fun either way, I swear.

Make that 6 weeks
byu/Catladyy96 insocialanxiety

9. There has to be a middle ground.

Why is it so hard to find?

Either too shy or annoying
byu/WolfGirl520 insocialanxiety

8. If you have to call, this is the next best thing.

Anything other than actually talking.

I’m mostly txt, but…
byu/geezer84 insocialanxiety

7. However uncomfortable you were, know I was more so.

And will continue to be so for some time.

A little hyperbole to remind you you’re not alone
byu/BluePantera insocialanxiety

6. Stage fright is a real thing.

So is performance anxiety.

anyone else?
byu/Missiile insocialanxiety

5. And now we’re all triggered.

No shame, y’all.

I feel that.
byu/Nico1300 insocialanxiety

4. When you’re done you’re done.

No more interaction, please.

Me today
by insocialanxiety

3. Very good advice.

Honestly phone calls should be outlawed.

byu/EthEthn insocialanxiety

2. Why do we watch it the whole time?

Hahaha I totally do this too.

byu/MortalAsStrongAsGods insocialanxiety

1. Oh my heart.

We could have been friends.

College Parties
byu/jhaddock insocialanxiety

See what I mean? We can all be anxious together?

But like, separately in our own houses. Woot.