14 People’s Thoughts on Whether or Not a “Good News” Channel Would Fly

There’s pretty much a consensus that the current 24/7 news cycle really isn’t doing anyone any good. We can relay the actual news of the day in the regularly scheduled hours – morning, noon, and evening, so everything that goes in between is just fluff designed to whip people into a frenzy.

This Redditor thinks a news station relaying only “good news” would do wonders for humanity, but would it really?

Humanity would significantly benefit from a TV channel that only airs good news.

It’s generally accepted that people’s political and social views can be heavily swayed by what media they take in, and from where it came from. The problem is misinformed people being fed news from Facebook, Instagram, or the constantly running biased news channel.

I hate to break it to you, but wherever you lie on the political spectrum, whatever opinions you think are your own, people are being paid for you to think that. American news outlets constantly use language to portray any scenario in any different light.

If the media outlets are that contradictory on the exact same topic or event, none can be trusted. This is becoming common knowledge, and the people’s response is that all the news is that it’s all bad news.

Why not just make a news outlet that only airs good news? Now I know what you’re thinking; “what’s good news to one is bad news to another”. No, no, no. I mean actual good news around the world that in many cases would inherently be non-political. You know the kind I’m referring to that local news airs once per night and the waxy news casters laugh through their botox. Firefighter saves a kid and marries his mom or whatever. woo poor kid gets a scholarship. Family of ducks saved by mexicans. Hippie takes dog on roadtrip. I got tired.

Let’s see how people responded to the idea!

14. Be careful what you wish for.

North Korean national news is full of positive stories about how well the country is doing. There’s no negative national news at all. Ever.

People need to be careful what they wish for.

13. As long as it’s really news.

The thing is that is just as fake as a news channel that only shows bad news.

The problem is so much news is not actually news. Its an opinion or a fluff piece. “NEWS” is not really news.

12. A short query.

Who decides what constitutes good news?

11. People will still be suspicious.

You have an excellent point. In reality what people as propaganda in mainstream news will also be seen as propaganda for positive news.

10. The real news doesn’t care about your feelings.

News is supposed to just inform people of what is going on. Real news is supposed to be objective, neutral, and just deliver information to the public. It’s not supposed to care about your feelings, it’s not supposed to tell you how to think. It’s a service to the public.

In the 70s, the US lost the Vietnam war which pissed off the military industrial complex. They spent a bunch of time trying to figure out how to control the media and the public and eventually teamed up with the corporate media giants who took over the journalism industry and shifted it to being highly partisan and controlled.

Journalism nowadays is pretty much a giant multinational propaganda arm for western industrialists. They put Trump in as a distraction to their 20 year war on terror and this crap is the end result.

9. It could be valid.

I understand where you’re coming from, but I think it’s kind of relevant (for this topic at least and also in regards to the SGN segment John Krasinski started on YouTube that others have mentioned) that we consider the definition of what is and is not “news”.

There’s absolutely a general understanding/defined sense of what mainstream news is and should be (i.e reporting on major stories that will affect the masses), but at its core (and to use the definition I googled) – news is defined as “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.”

So, based on that alone, it just comes down to the reporting of facts that are relevant to the listener. The spin or bias that comes with the reporting is a factor that is somewhat independent. Those are opinions (which can’t be fake by definition) and the stories (as long as the facts are accurately stated) are also not fake. But if you find them relevant by your own personal stance – then it IS news (side note: didn’t want to emphasize “is” so much but I’m on mobile and didnt feel like looking up how to italicize Reddit text)

So, with that said, I’m of the belief that this kind of news channel would be just as valid in its own way for those who choose to consume it. But also that’s my opinion and yours may differ (which is cool too). Either way – I appreciate the discussion and hope you and your loved ones stay happy, healthy, and safe 🙂

8. You know, like in China.

You’re describing a state propaganda channel.

“In other news everything is fine! Remember blessed is the mind to small for doubt, more at 11!”

7. You are what you eat.

Don’t discount your first idea, OP. There IS enough good news in the world to bring humanity together if we start focusing on our global society’s successes while still being honest about and taking accountability for its failures.

The phrase “you are what you eat” is as true of mind as it is of the body. If you follow the Trumpian model of eating KFC on the toilet watching Fox News & rage tweeting all day, you’re gonna have a bad time.

There are examples of positive programming in media that stand out to me from my own life, ways of educating people and entertaining them at the same time, at all ages. Think Sesame Street, Star Trek, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The media industry is way too profit-driven these days; the largest corporations have completely shirked the duty that comes with their great power of putting images in peoples minds worldwide. It’s terror all the time now. I’m sick of it.

6. You’d be telling people to embrace the lies.

I think it’d actually be a detriment. Just another avenue to run away from life’s problems. Like some dystopian world where you can take a pill to be part of the happy few every single day. Ignore the ugly truth, embrace the pretty lie.

5. It could get boring.

I mean, a good idea but i don’t see how it would help. Bad things still happen and people need to be informed, so they will still watch “normal” news.

Plus, for how long can you see wholesome news until you get bored by it? There’s a reason why media outlets focus on bad things, people are just more interested in them.

4. An excellent point.

I don’t think anyone would watch this, you literally have the internet which is full of wholesome stuff, but i think that the real news get way more attention still.

3. It could make life better.

What is the logic behind the need to know everything bad that happened yesterday? This is a fairly recent invention in human history and I dont see how this ever became important. It is tragic that someone died yesterday in a car crash, but I dont see why is important that everyone finds out about it. What is the benefit of knowing about everyone who got murdered yesterday?

There are of course things that will affect us and it is beneficial to be warned about it, but my life isnt any better because I found out a baby drowned in a pool last night.

2. Stick with the reporting.

I’m still in school and in one of our English courses we’re taught different forms of writing.

There are distinct differences between article and report writing. Report is supposed to have a neutral tone and you can’t give a hint of bias.

Articles are different, you’re allowed to voice your opinion and use language that can sway your reader in a particular direction.

I feel we’re swaying too much towards article writing, when we should be staying with report writing as that allows people to form their own opinions, rather than blindly following the opinions portrayed by whoever they choose to follow.

1. How would it help?

Of course not about everything, but there’s a lot of bad things that it’s important for someone to know. Like knowing if people are rioting, or if a politician was outed as corrupt, or the bad things that a government has done. Not every bad new is of a murderer. Plus it not like tragedies wouldn’t become viral without the media.

And again if that’s your problem, I don’t see how making a “wholesome news” would fix it. In fact it sounds kinda scary, like having a “There’s no war in Ba Sing Se” propaganda channel.

I had this idea in college, which was *mumble mumble* years ago and was quickly disillusioned, because everyone said no one would watch it.

Is that true? Give me your thoughts in the comments!