You might be sitting there thinking this headline is some kind of a joke, because there can’t possibly be that many good things that happened in the year of the hellscape, but listen – you’re wrong!

And I think that, right now, we should try looking back on the stuff that doesn’t make us want to drink, or tear our hair out, or cry in the shower, don’t you?

Let’s give it a shot!

22. Oh, hell yeah!

Now that is some GREAT news!

21. We can all use more happy.

Oregon at the forefront.

20. Scotland getting it right.

I hope this happens soon everywhere.

19. Some risks are worth taking.

And some dangers are more immediate.

18. Who doesn’t love gold stars?

Appealing to people’s competitive spirits is the way to go.

17. Of course he is.

I hate that the kids had any doubt.

16. I can’t believe this is still a thing.

Poor little bunnies.

15. Healthy food should be cheaper.

Yell it from the rooftops.

14. A garbage man from Columbia has been collecting books.

He’s used them to open a free library.

13. Well this is cool.

You can see the real ones in the ocean where they belong.

12. There are vending machines in Turkey for cats and dogs.

You get them food by recycling a plastic bottle.

11. This is truly awesome.

I hope it catches on.

10. People know some things can’t be bought.

Thank goodness for that.

9. Well that’s amazing.

Great things happen at hospitals, too.

8. Good news for the chickens, anyway.

Not so much for the chicken farms.

7. And then they…eat them?

I guess you have to separate those things in your head.

6. You can plant your pencils.

Save the trees!

5. Bless.

Those little guys have it hard enough!

4. Training is key.

We should all try to be prepared.

3. This seems like the way to go.

Heh. See what I did there?

2. It’s about time.

Hooray for feminism all over the world.

1. Think twice before you call someone a rat.

You might be calling them a hero!


It’s easy for the good stuff to get lost, don’t you think?

Which one of these were you thankful for? And if you remember something else great that happened this year, share it with us in the comments!

Thanks, fam!