13 Truly Bizarre Meals That Made Us Feel Very Uncomfortable

If you consider yourself squeamish or you have a weak stomach, you might want to avert your eyes from the photos below…or at least do that thing where you look through your fingers like you do when you watch a scary movie.

Because these photos are disturbing. And weird. And creepy.

No, they’re not snapshots of anything bloody or gory…they’re really bizarre meals that people threw together for some reason…and we’re really not sure why.

So take a few deep breaths, summon up your courage, and dive into these gross and disturbing meals.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

1. Beans on pizza?

Eat up, friends!


2. That looks disgusting.

Don’t you agree?


3. Perfect for those hot summer days!

The kids will love it!

Found this gem.
by inshittyfoodporn

4. Now I’m STARVING.

This will hit the spot.

Mmm a banana fish salad.
byu/chained2reality inshittyfoodporn

5. It has a very nice texture to it.

Pack it and bring it to work!

The crunch factor
byu/Vagmosis inshittyfoodporn

6. My eyes are burning!

And so will your stomach if you try this!

I had dough left over from the pizza I made earlier but no sauce so I had to improvise, its edam tuna and turkey slices and I had it with ketchup
by inshittyfoodporn

7. Oreos and pickles, anyone?

The perfect combination.



No way, no how.


9. This will ruin any kid’s day.

Or any kid’s life, come to think of it.


10. Sweet noodles…

Get that outta here!

I just wanna pasta and candy at same time so ….I did sweet noodles
byu/duralexyz inshittyfoodporn

11. Sushi and chili.

I guess there are worse things out there.


12. Pea-nut butter.

Get it?!?!


13. It didn’t have to be this way…

I’m very upset about this.



I hope I don’t have to actually eat any of those meals anytime soon, know what I’m saying?

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comment, tell us about some of the grossest and most bizarre meals you’ve ever had the displeasure to experience in your life.

Let’s get weird, friends!