One of the cool things about Twitter is that it moves so fast that it’s usually an accurate reflection of the world at any given moment.

Which, you know, if the world at the moment is a disaster, Twitter can be a bit of the same.

Like these 13 tweets, for example, that attempt to make us laugh through the madness.

13. Are you guys getting divorced??

Now there’s going to be two houses for Goldilocks to destroy.

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12. You gotta give it a go, though.

Old knees and all.

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11. This just made me lol.

Real love, y’all.

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10. Slime? What slime?

I see no slime eat your cookie, son.

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9. Things don’t always work out the way we plan.

You gotta shoot your shot though.

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8. I’m feeling called out.

Maybe I should at least pick up the toys.

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7. Who’s cutting onions in here?

My heart is hurting in the best way.

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6. It’s almost like wearing makeup is fun again.

And I never wanted to wear makeup before.

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5. This is…accurate.

Except man they never stop eating, so they’re also kind of like teenagers.

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4. Teaching your kid life skills.

That’s what you can tell yourself.

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3. It’s like we almost forgot it existed.

How is that possible??

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2. There’s always someone who wants to hear it.

Might as well start with it next time.

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1. I like all of these suggestions.

Mental health is important.

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I guess I’m feeling a little bit better, how about you?

Did any of these turn your day around? Tell us which ones in the comments!