13 Unconventional Hacks That Helps These Relationships Work

There’s no one way to make a relationship work or last – in fact, there may not be any way to force something to work out if everyone involved doesn’t want it to – but if you’re invested, there are always ways to make things better for all parties involved.

Sometimes you’ve just got to think outside the box and stop worrying what other people think – which is exactly how these 13 people are living their lives.

13. Proof is in the pudding.

“Due to Granddad’s ‘dreadful snoring’ that almost ended their marriage, he leaves their main home at 10PM to sleep in his ‘cottage’ (granny annexe) at the end of their garden, and returns at 7AM to join Gran for breakfast.

When they want a day apart, he stays in his cottage to read a book, watch TV or paint. Sometimes he invites her to his cottage for lunch or dinner as a fun date.

I didn’t know about this set-up until I was 17.”


12. Anticipate the potholes.

“Since day one, my fiancé and I have done what we call ‘open communication’.

When one of us is sensing that the other person isn’t sharing how they really are feeling with the other person, we literally say ‘open communication’ and the other HAS to explain completely honestly.

It is a way easier way to get from problem to solution or to explain where our feelings are stemming from.

Answers vary from ‘I’m frustrated that I cleaned the bathroom and made dinner and did laundry and you complained about just doing the dishes’ or even just ‘I’m not in a bad mood, I just have a headache’.


11. Sleep alone.

“Married for 10 years also and we prefer our own sleeping space.

We still spend time together and have couple time but I am such a light sleeper, he can’t open a door and not wake me.”


10. As simple as that.

“We have had two TV remote controls for over 20 years!! We take turns on who’s ‘running the show’ lol! It’s made all the difference!!” —lindao4

9. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

“Separate bank accounts. As long as the mortgage and our bills are paid, you do you honey.

We’ve been together 12 years and have rarely fought about money.”


8. Keep your own space.

“My boyfriend and I have been together for years but still have separate houses.

We’re with each other most nights but still have ‘me’ nights at least once a week.

It’s been a blessing to have that alone time, especially since COVID began because we both work from home.”


7. Maybe even your own room.

“Been married 25 years, and our own bedrooms work great for us.

Gives us space when we need it and we sleep better.”


6. Anticipation is nice.

“Plan and schedule sex. Sounds boring but is the exact opposite. You have the time to prepare, be rested, the anticipation makes it better.

We still do it spontaneously, but it makes it way more interesting!

We also communicate better and talk more about what we want, our needs and desires.”


5. As long as you agree.

“We don’t buy each other presents for birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s, anniversary, etc. Instead we’ll spend money on experiences together.

We do sometimes buy each other an impromptu gift, but because it made you think of the other person without the pressure of reciprocation.

It’s truly a thoughtful gift that means so much!”


4. Not a family affair.

“We have never met each other’s family. Mine stresses me out, his stresses him out, so we’ve decided to not invite that into our lives.

Doesn’t look like an ‘Instagram acceptable’ relationship, but I have so much happiness and autonomy!”


3. It saves lives.

“We encourage one another to spend time alone. Some people think we are crazy for taking a weekend vacation without each other, but it is awesome.

A weekend alone at the beach?

Yes please!”


2. Just to stare at the wall.

“Each of us have a day in. The other takes the kids and leaves the house for the day while the other stays home and does whatever they want…sleep, have dessert for breakfast, play video games for hours straight etc., as long as the other doesn’t come home to a pig sty it’s all good.

Been together for 12 years and I love my day-in to destress without worrying about putting on pants.”


1. It’s not worth fighting over.

“Married for 3+ years and only recently we came up with this rule that we don’t follow the same sleeping and eating schedule.

We cook dinner together, but eat at different times and go to bed at different times. Eating dinner together on a table as a family is overrated.”


I applaud the creativity and commitment, don’t you?

What unconventional practice helps keep the peace in your home?

Share it with us in the comments!