13 Unusual Jobs That You Can Study For in College

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If you’ve ever watched an episode of Dirty Jobs, you know there are some truly unusual careers that people actually live out every day. While I don’t consider my job to be in that field—sitting at home writing from the confines of my plush desk chair certainly doesn’t sound too bad—other jobs can only be described as weird.

But no matter if you prefer a typical office-based job or your interests veer well outside the norm, there is a job for everyone. Certain colleges and universities offer unique opportunities that can set you up a lifetime of success. Here are 13 unusual jobs that you can study for in college before you go out into the working world.

1. Fermentation Sciences – Appalachian State University

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amate*r home brewers can take their talent to the next level at Appalachian State University. This major is offered in the A.R. Smith Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences and provides students with a strong foundation in chemistry and biology.

You will also learn about the business, marketing and advertising principles that can make you a successful brewer and salesman.

2. Viticulture and Enology – Cornell University

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If beer isn’t your thing but you still appreciate the fermentation process, you can go to Cornell University and learn about the wine business.

This growing industry requires extensive knowledge in growing grapes, soil management, pest control and everything involved in the wine-making process.

Just make sure your study time doesn’t turn into drinking time.

3. Floral Management – Mississippi State University

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Ask any guy how expensive Valentine’s Day flowers can be and you’ll have a new appreciation for that bouquet of roses.

Floral management involves a number of critical steps, such as sourcing, purchasing and marketing.

If you pursue this unusual career at Mississippi State University, you can even get practical experience at The University Florist flower shop located on campus.

4. Entertainment Engineering & Design – University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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It takes an army to run a casino. And there’s a reason casinos generate millions of dollars every year.

Students who pursue this unusual degree from the University of Nevada get exposure to the business of the entertainment industry as well as venue design and biomechanics.

Anyone down for an educational trip to Vegas?

5. Bowling Industry Management and Technology – Vincennes University

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At Vincennes University, students can study a truly one-of-a-kind major in Bowling Industry Management and Technology.

If you pursue this unusual job, some of your classes will include “Lane and Pinsetter Maintenance” and “Responsible Alcohol Service.”

Are bowling shoes considered professional work attire?

6. Packaging – Michigan State University

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Michigan State’s School of Packaging is no joke. In fact, it offers bachelors, masters and even doctorate programs in this overlooked field.

By the time you’re done, wrapping Christmas presents won’t be a challenge anymore.

7. Bakery Science – Kansas State University

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Baking bread would be a dream come true (if I didn’t manage to eat all of it).

Fellow baking enthusiasts can pursue this career at Kansas State University, where students will learn the science of the perfect loaf.

Just let me know if you need any taste testers.

8. Gunsmithing – Lassen Community College

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Lassen Community College is located in California and offers a historically good Gunsmithing school that was founded 75 years ago.

This may seem like a #FlashbackFriday type of job, but it takes supreme skill and focus to be successful in this field.

9. Adventure Education – Plymouth State University

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If you can’t stand staying indoors, then Plymouth State University’s Adventure Education major is the choice for you.

Students will get to work alongside ecologists and physicians while learning how to survive and thrive outdoors.

10. Bicycle Design and Fabrication – Minnesota State College Southeast

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Become a cycling pro at Minnesota State College Southeast, where you can obtain a two-year degree in Bicycle Design and Fabrication.

You’ll never have to worry about fixing a flat tire or bent handlebars again.

11. Greenhouse Operations – Gateway Technical College

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Building a sustainable food supply is critical moving forward. And what better way to learn about cultivating crops than studying Greenhouse Operations at Gateway Technical College.

Soon enough you’ll be a certified expert in everything from temperature to humidity to soil maintenance.

12. Citrus and Horticultural Science – Florida Southern College

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If you’d prefer to be outside with nature, take your talents to Florida Southern College.

Here you will specialize in citrus studies, learning about lemons, grapefruits, oranges and other delicious fruits. You’d be surprised at what a sweet payoff this major can provide.

13. Social Media – Pace University, University of Florida, University of Southern California

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Everyone can post on Facebook or Instagram. But do you know how to run ad campaigns or make use of Google Analytics?

Nearly every industry has a need for social media expertise, and you can go from taking selfies at home to managing social media accounts for Fortune 500 companies.

Any of these seem appealing to you? Let us know in the comments!