13 Weird Things Landlords Didn’t Expect to Find

I don’t know about you, but when I moved out of my last apartment, I tried to leave it spic and span to make sure I got my deposit back.

Turns out, not every tenant cares so much about getting the cleaning deposit back. Here are some unexpected things that landlords found–whether their tenants had moved out yet or not.

1. Some people just like fish

I think the real question here is why are you borrowing his toilet paper?

Image credit: Whisper

2. Illegal drugs are illegal

But at least they offered you some, right?

Image credit: Whisper

3. It’s hard to get rid of smells

It just seeps into everything doesn’t it?

Image credit: Whisper

4. A little help never hurt anyone

Something about the ellipses tells me he was glad she wasn’t home.

Image credit: Whisper

5. Slowly shut the door and back away

I hope he had a his own giant bottle of lube.

Image credit: Whisper

6. At least they painted the place

What I really want to know is, what kind of exotic animals though?

Image credit: Whisper

7. Wish she’d only painted it, don’t you?

There could always be something worse. Like actual bodies in the walls.

Image credit: Whisper

8. Or dogs–in the basement

I just can’t.

Image credit: Whisper

9. Just how many cats are too many cats?

At least they weren’t in the basement or the walls.

Image credit: Whisper

10. Is that what they call ‘anal retentive’?

Maybe he was just trying to make a good fertilizer.

Image credit: Whisper

11. And you thought the furnace room guy was bad

I just… are you sure? Just why?

Image credit: Whisper

12. And you thought the oven poo was problematic

Maybe rock, paper, scissors which one is worse?

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13. Apparently it’s not that uncommon

I mean. I guess you get used to it eventually? Or you cry a lot.

Image credit: Whisper

I was pretty shocked to read about some of these.

What about you? Let us know in the comments.