13 Wholesome ‘Great British Bake Off’ Tweets That’ll Brighten up Your Day

Few things are more soothing than watching a dozen bakers bring their creations to life under a tent in the British countryside.

The Great British Bake Off presents the perfect escape from our devastating reality.

Here are 13 wholesome tweets from the amazing show across the pond that’ll just brighten up your day.

1. Happy Halloween?

That’s one way to get a little spooky for the fall season.

2. That’s better than expected!

This Freddie Mercury didn’t turn out so bad.

3. Really – he looks great

He’s putting Rami Malek to shame.

4. This

When I saw that during the first episode, I screeched. What a way to start your season.

5. The purest thing ever

I mean, come on. Look at this.

6. It’s the only bad thing about show

Everyone is so pleasant and supportive. It’s torture to see them leave.

7. Awkward

Well, now there’s a giant target on her back.

8. Turn and face the strange…


9. Great collab!

A rare photo where these two music titans look like they’re actually getting along

10. Just pure insanity

Cakes that look like people, political satire, the near-destruction of one of music’s greatest icons – what more could you want out of a season premiere?

11. This can’t be real

Does this cake look more like Tom DeLonge or Steve Buscemi? Or does Steve Buscemi actually look like Tom Delonge…

12. Hello there

The angel from my nightmare. Yeah, this is pretty nightmarish.

13. Truly shocking

I very much cannot process the shape of his head.

Well, that took an interesting turn. Who knew that the folks behind The Great British Bake Off could be so sadistic? I’d give points for creativity, though.

What are some of your favorite moments from The Great British Bake Off? Share with us in the comments below!