9 Times People Used Logic to Create Some Cold Bad Burns

There are days when it can seem like there is no point in employing logic to make an argument on the internet. Even less so, you can’t really expect other people to recognize or even care that your words make sense – they often don’t.

That said, there’s still something satisfying for some of us in seeing logic deployed in such a manner – and these 9 people definitely won the day, even if their opponent will never recognize it.

9. It’s really a case-by-case thing.

Neither of these people seem very happy with their experiences.

Same logic destruction from MurderedByWords

8. Some people were raised to mind their business.

An excellent life lesson, if I do say so myself.

That’s me that replied to the tweet from MurderedByWords

7. So I guess…don’t make this for someone you actually love.

That’s a lot of big feelings about a sandwich.

Don’t mess with a hungry mans sandwich from MurderedByWords

6. Short, sweet, and absolutely true.

Yikes. Why even have kids if you just hate them?

Guilty has punished from MurderedByWords

5. When you roast all of Reddit in one short post.

Major upvotes. Ha!

This guy just roasted all of Reddit. from MurderedByWords

4. Some things don’t translate.

Not exactly, anyway.

Grammar lessons from MurderedByWords

3. First, imagine this with a British accent.

And you knew that joke was coming, right?

Probably got a sad British voice in their head saying "bit sad innit?" from MurderedByWords

2. Bi people get the short end of the stick.

Except for the part where they get to makeout with everyone.

Oh no, the French are invading France from MurderedByWords

1. What on earth is wrong with people?

It’s water.

Satisfying, right? I love it when logic wins the day… if only for a day. Because, as we all know, there’s no way that logic wins even half the time. Don’t even get me started.

Which one of these made you fist-pump in your chair? Do a happy dance?

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