13 Women Share Their Dating Turn-Offs

To all the guys out there: I want you to listen and I want you to listen good…

Because you’re about to hear from women who got real about their dating turn-offs!

So pay attention and take some notes, okay fellas?

Get started now!

1. Gross.

“Anyone who mocks or criticizes my passions and interests.

If they don’t at least try to understand what I like, it’s clear they don’t care.”

2. Keep an eye on it.

“I always watch how someone tips and how they treat waitstaff, cashiers, bartenders, etc.

It’s pretty telling of what kind of person someone is.”

3. Super creeper.

“When a person instantly calls me a pet name like ‘sweetheart’ or ‘princess.’

It just gives me super creep vibes.”

4. Big red flags.

“My biggest red flags are if they don’t like animals, talk negatively about a woman’s appearance, call any woman a b**ch, or don’t get along with my family or friends.”

5. Isn’t that funny?

“When they claim all their exes are crazy.

Learned the hard way that it wasn’t the exes — it was him.”

6. Very specific.

“Liking the show Two and a Half Men, liking Joe Rogan, or thinking Jordan Peterson is smart.”

7. Bye bye.

“Any man who undermines any experiences of being a woman that I tell him about. If you’re not going to listen and validate, bye.

Also if they are anti-therapy.”

8. What’s the count?

“If a man asks you what your body count is, run.

What happened before you met shouldn’t matter.

Any guy harping on how many other men you’ve been with is unlikely to trust you — but they will likely be controlling and immature.”

9. Not into it.

“Comments on appearance (negative AND positive) tend to be a red flag for me. I struggle with body image, so I try to be neutral on what I look like.

If a guy talks a lot about looks, I get uncomfortable. Sure, a ‘that dress is nice on you’ comment can be sweet, but some guys will say how ‘hot’ and ‘s**y’ you are all the time.

Don’t even get me started on men who insult other women’s appearances in front of me. I want someone to want me for my soul, not my meat sack.”

10. Start off with that.

“I deliberately tell male dates that I’ve taken lots of elective women’s and gender studies courses in university.

Nine out of ten times I watch their faces fall, and they then either somehow shame me for being a feminist or hit me with their ‘not all men’ spiel.

I usually just find excuses to end the date at that point.”

11. Doesn’t sound like a good idea.

“I get concerned when someone wants the first date to be at my place — or even theirs for that matter.

Like dude, how about a public place for everyone’s safety?”

12. No means no.

“The refusal to understand and accept that the word ‘no’ applies to them.

Or that it’s a complete sentence and is not subject to negotiation.”

13. A really bad sign.

“When you’re just getting to know each other and you get dozens of missed calls a minute because they find you ‘unresponsive’ to their calls/texts.”

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