14 Cakes by Baking Master Tuba Geckil Will Blow Your Mind

Tuba Geckil is a masterful baker with twenty years in the industry under her belt, and it shows. Just this year, her cake creations became an internet sensation, after Tasty shared a video montage of Tuba cutting into her own life-like cakes.

What might look like a bottle of lotion or a stack of towels and detergent is (surprise) cake!

Tuba also recreates beloved fictional characters as well as life-sized humanoid confections.

Prepare to have your mind blown by these 14 masterful cakes.

1. Too cute to chew:

I will fight to save this polar bear from consumption!


2. Just some ordinary towels…



3. But this has to be lotion…

Think again.


4. The happiest of cakes:

Look at all the detailing in his feathers.


5. Literally a work of art:

This cake should be in a museum.

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6. I’ll bet this one’s made of devils food:

Tuba isn’t clowning around.


7. How does she do that?

It looks like it’s suspended in the air!


8. Absolutely stunning:

Just look at the richness of the fabric in the headscarf, or lusciousness of those lips.


9. Remember, this is life-size:

I’m a little scared.


10. Brilliant!

Harry looks like he’s been caught right in the middle of apperating.


11. Is the dress edible too?

Only one way to find out…


12. That’s a lot of panda:

I don’t think I could bring myself to eat such an amazing piece of artwork.


13. This looks like a wax figure, only better:

I love this outfit choice.


14. It’s time to hulk-smash this cake:

Right into my mouth.


This just goes to show, you can’t believe everything you see. All bets are off. Anything could be cake, and cake could be anything. Trust nothing, trust no one.

Just kidding! These cakes are proof that hard work, patience, and a lot of practice really do pay off. Thank you Tuba Geckil for sharing your wonderful cakes with us.

Which of these cakes most blew you away? Let us know in the comments!