14 Classic TV Theme Songs That’ll Trigger Any Millennial’s Childhood Nostalgia

Sometimes, my brain will randomly remember the opening song for Sonic Adventure 2 – and then I can’t get it out of my head for a full week. Moments from childhood have a way with sticking around like that.

Here are 14 classic TV theme songs that are sure to bring back any Millennial’s most buried childhood memories.

1. Sister, Sister

Tia and Tamera truly are the GOATs for this one. Seriously, they didn’t have to turn it out like this.

2. Animaniacs

This absolutely wild cartoon defined my entire personality for a good five years.

3. Doug

Those catchy whistles are the mark of a true musical genius.

4. Malcolm in the Middle

I still can’t believe Bryan Cranston was in this show.

5. Hey Arnold!

Helga was the ultimate role model. That was girl who really knew how to stand up for herself and own her power. I, too, aim to endearingly call the object of my desire “football head.”

6. Zoom

I felt like I reached another plane of existence every time I watched Zoom

7. As Told By Ginger

This show got me through the roughest parts of my adolescence.

8. Rocko’s Modern Life

Rocko was an absolute fashion icon. Seriously, look at those sick prints.

9. Nick News

Fun fact – Linda Ellerbee used to visit and talk at my middle school!

10. Cow and Chicken

This show was weird beyond belief, but that’s exactly what made it true art.

11. Captain Planet

We could really use this team to fight climate change.

12. Gullah Gullah Island

This cleared my skin and cured my depression.

13. Clueless, the TV show

Ever realize that the lead actress in the TV show and the lead actress in the movie are two completely different people? Yeah, me neither.

14. Baywatch

I’m haunted by the late-night reruns of this one.

At the end of the day, a little bit of nostalgia is good for the soul. Moreover, it helps provide some distraction from the absolute mess that’s going on right now. Some escapism sure does a lot for the psyche. For example, why should I worry about my water bill when I can just reruns of As Told By Ginger? Now, that’s another level of problem solving!

What are some of your favorite TV theme songs from back in the day?

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