14 Discontinued Snacks Millennials Will Remember

If there’s one things millennials love, it’s remembering all the things they enjoyed from their childhood, in an attempt to escape the stressors of present reality.

And when it comes to stress, what’s better than turning to comfort food?

I’m talking Pop Tarts, Sunny D, Waffle Crisp. The kind of snacks you wished your parents would stock the cabinets with.

Unfortunately, not all snack foods stand the test of time. So instead of visiting the vending machine, let’s take a moment to honor these 14 discontinued snacks millennials will remember.

1. Allow me to break the ice:

WOW, I forgot how strong these guys were.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

2. The fancy man’s snack:

You can never go wrong with peanuts. Unless you’re allergic.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

3. That’s so twisted:

How could they ever do away with Twisted Puffs?!

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

4. Speaking of Twist…

Wait, this was a thing? Ew…

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

5. The real tragedy here:

Never forget. The cereal of cereals.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

6. Eh:

Too much tart, not enough pop.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

7. I love RITZ bits to bits:

Who doesn’t want more “mmm” in the middle?

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

8. What’s so funny?

100% artificial flavoring.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

9. Silly Rabbit:

Trix are forever.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

10. Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli, lolli, lolli:

Paint the town, not your tongue.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

11. SWOOPS, yeahahah!

Everything is better when it’s shaped like a Pringle.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

12. Pepsi Blue:

I’m addicted to you, but don’t you know that you’re toxic?

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

13. Is it gum or is it bandaids?

Only one way to find out!

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

14. Better left forgotten:

Part of what makes Oreos so satisfying is the crunchy, creamy mouth feel.

Image Credit: BuzzFeed

Ok, so maybe there’s a reason some of these snack foods were taken off the shelf. Not every idea is a winner. Besides, we’ve gotta make room for the snacks of future generations.

But Waffle Crisp. Waffle Crisp deserved so much better.

If you could enjoy one snack food from your childhood again, what would it be? Let us know in the comments!