5 Fan Theories That Give These Movies a Whole New Meaning

The saying goes that a picture’s worth a thousand words, so moving pictures just might be worth countless fan theories.

Only so much can be said in roughly two hours of screen time, and these super fans have taken to the internet to explain some head-scratching anomalies.

Here are 5 mind-blowing fan theories that are sure give you a whole new perspective on these blockbuster films.

1. Obi-Wan did recognize R2D2.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed/LucasFilm Ltd.

Given the previous relationship that Obi-Wan and R2D2 had in the prequel trilogy, it’s odd to see the old Jedi Master completely deny ever owning the droid.

However, the prequels aren’t necessarily a light retcon of this line from A New Hope.

Here’s Reddit user mybustersword’s take on the moment:

“Fans tend to think it may be just an oversight from before George Lucas planned the prequels…but I think it was purposely done, as Obi-Wan was trying to hide his and R2’s importance.

My theory is that when Obi-Wan says the controversial line about never having owned a droid, he’s not saying, ‘I don’t recognize this droid’ or even ‘Keep quiet R2, you’ll blow our cover!'”

So, this all might just be part of an elaborate ruse on Obi-Wan’s part.

Plus, Obi-Wan and R2 were pretty antagonized towards each other during the prequels.

Obi-Wan’s comment very well could be an extra layer of sass he’s serving up to the droid.

2. Mr. Incredible beat the first Omnidroid because it was meant for Frozone.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed/Pixar

Think about it – when Mr. Incredible and Frozone are being spied on, it’s clear that Frozone was the initial target.

Why else would the fight take place literally inside of a volcano, a place where Frozone would be most vulnerable?

Here’s the quick rundown from Redditor bosbna:

My theory is that the Omnidroid was so easily defeated by Mr. Incredible because it was created to defeat Frozone.

I believe that the Omnidroid — when realizing it was outmatched — immediately began funneling Mr. Incredible to the volcano because that was the strategy it was programmed with to fight Frozone (his anticipated opponent).


3. Crafting the suit is another one of Spider-Man’s powers.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed/20th Century Fox

For some fans of New York’s neighborhood web-slinger, his ability to craft and repair what looks like a super complicated costume is totally unrealistic.

How would a broke, gawky teenager be able to consistently tend to his high-quality suit?

Redditor Faxlzgad explains:

“I think the answer to this ‘plot hole’ is easy when you consider that the spider bite may have simply given him another power — seamstress skills on par with those of a spider spinning its own webs.

This could also be spun (pun intended) to apply to how he knows how to easily produce non-organic webbing.”

What do you think?

4. Brad Pitt is actually Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed/20th Century Fox

David Fincher’s Fight Club is iconic for its meta-theatrics and how much it leans into the battle between conscious and sub-conscious thoughts.

As such, Tyler Durden is not only a reflection of Edward Norton; he’s also a reflection of Brad Pitt himself.

Here’s what Reddit user Salmanbhairocks has to say:

“My theory is that Tyler Durden’s appearance in-film was literally modeled by the Narrator after Brad Pitt, the actor.

You have to remember, in the ’90s especially, Pitt was often touted as the epitome of the ideal male form, which would have influenced the Narrator’s mind in creating his perfect alternate persona.

Durden even outright told the Narrator at the end of the movie that he ‘Looks how you want to look.'”

By the way, I love this movie. True story.

5. There will be five John Wick movies, each representing one stage of grief.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed/Lionsgate

The entire John Wick franchise is rooted in the former hitman’s attempt to cope with loss – first of his wife, Helen, and then of his dog, Daisy.

According to Redditor coces, the whole series of movies might represent a different stage of grief. Here’s how:

I’m not sure if this is something that’s been discussed anywhere else, but I was watching the series and noticed how often the characters reference grief, loss, and death and — when watching all movies back to back so far — it appears that the plots surround each of the stages of grief.

So, my theory is that there will only be two more movies (which have both been announced) and they’ll explore the final two stages.

Whatever his choices may be, the final stage of grief could be John finally coming to terms with who he is and continuing as an assassin, dying, or taking his dog home for good, this time a better man.”

Well, all those theories just make me want to binge those movies. Thank goodness we have people who are way more observant than the rest of us to share their insight on these awesome films.

What are some of your favorite fan theories? Feel free to share and debate in the comments!