14 Eerie And Off-Limits Spots People Would Love To See Up Close

The world is full of interesting and historical places and listen…some of them aren’t exactly on the beaten path. Some of them aren’t even open to visitors, but that doesn’t stop people from dying to see them with their own two eyes.

These 14 people have some specific ideas of eerie and cool spots they’d love to visit – if only they weren’t also off-limits, right?

14. It freaks me out, too.


Just the thought of it freaks me out, but I’d love to see (from the safety of my living room) the deepest depths of the ocean.

13. Some people never came back.


Knowing I’m so far away from any type of civilization is terrifying.

I think about Antarctica a lot and all the old settlements left behind by explorers from long ago.

12. Your own private High Line.

New York City and it’s abandoned old City Hall subway station.

And all the rest of the abandoned transportation stuff in New York. Just walk along the old Elevated train tracks in Brooklyn. Your own private High Line, eventually dipping into old tunnels and abandoned stations.

11. The set of a horror movie.

I’d love to visit Centralia Pennsylvania, abandoned because of a coal mine fire apparently still burning to this day, the town sounds exactly like the perfect set up for a horror movie.

Nowadays it looks weird cause streets are still there, sidewalks attached to nothing.

Here is a crazy thing most people don’t know, there are 500+ minefires at any given time in the world. Centralia is famous because it wiped a town off the map, most don’t do that.

10. Awesome to explore.

There is a long abandoned concert hall beneath a piano store in Boston that I would love to check out.

There are some pics online that show some of the ornate design but I think it would be awesome to explore and see up close.

9. Silent Hill.

I was there this summer!

It’s actually not really much to see- there’s still a functioning church there, and a couple occupied houses. I stopped at the cemetery, which is still well-kept. It’s also just a few minutes from other towns, so it’s not too spooky.

That part of Pennsylvania is very hilly, though, with lots of valleys and woods and such, so it makes sense that legends of sprung up about it.

8. Too creepy for me.

Spree Park. It’s an abandoned amusement park in Berlin with giant dinosaur statues, among other things.

It was featured at the end of the movie Hannah (2011).

7. People get lost down there.

Paris Catacombs.

One moment you’re next to a parisian sidewalk cafe with couples walking by, the next you’re in a dark endless tunnel with piles of skulls. so many piles of skulls.

We only saw the section open for public but it’s unlike anything you’d see in North America.

6. It’s just not possible.

A black hole – it would be really cool to see the distortions in space/time. Unfortunately that’s not possible for many many reasons.

Once you cross the event horizon everything is still normal from your perspective until you spaghettify you just can’t see out. The observer from outside would simply see you stop at the event horizon.

5. True wilderness.

Garamba Park in Congo. Probably the last remaining, mostly unchanged true wilderness of Africa.

Remote, few have been there, and is often plagued with heavily armed groups who hunt for the wildlife killing all in their way.

4. A little difficult.

Diego Garcia.

A British owned island in the middle of the Indian Ocean and all the locals were relocated decades ago.

The only thing currently in the island is a US military base. Needless to say getting permission to visit is difficult.

People make a big deal out of Area 51, and that would be a neat place to see, but if you’re looking for the countries biggest and darkest secrets then you’re going to have to look at places like Diego Garcia.

3. Wouldn’t we all.

It will never happen, but definitely would Love to spend a few days in The Vatican’s archives.

2. Now I want to know why.

I visited a mothballed nuclear plant in Tennessee years ago. Besides the half completed plant, they had put dozens of what looked like portable prison cells there as well.

Never found out why…

1. Almost obsolete.

Picher, Oklahoma.

Something about that town is so interesting despite it now being almost obsolete. Especially since it still has chat piles and to know the chat was used in driveways, sandboxes, and anything they could find a use for.

Next would probably be Poveglia, Italy because it’s forbidden, is possiy full of human remains, and it has an abandoned mental hospital. Neat!

Well, I now have some more places to be mad I can’t visit, but I’m not brave enough to explore some of these, I don’t think.

What off-limits spot is on your bucket list? Tell us about it in the comments!