15 People And The Secrets They Plan To Take To Their Graves

I know they say that secrets have a way of coming out, and honestly, I truly believe that. People do their best to really sit on them for as long as possible sometimes, though, and if no one knows except you…I’d say you could keep one forever.

These 15 people are privy to some doozies – their own and others – so we’ll just have to wait and see whether they manage to stay secret forever.

15. They never told their mom.

Someone nearly stole our family van with my sister (6) and me (8) in it.

My mom had run in to the preschool to pick up my brother and left the car running. A guy jumped into the driver seat, looked behind him, and saw both of us. We all froze for what felt like a long time. He quietly left and ran.

My sister and I agreed that since no harm was done, we wouldn’t mention it to mom.

14. I hate all of this.

Depends on what counts as disturbing and “can’t say anything about” is a bit ambiguous in my case. Aunt molested me, I could say stuff about it, my family knows and doesn’t care though.

Police won’t help either since there’s no proof.

13. So gross.

Some a¢¢hole grabbed my crotch when I was waiting for my parents to pick me up after (middle) school nearly 20 years ago.

It was a full grope with their fingers clawed and rubbed into my panties. Happened so fast and it was packed with people so I couldn’t see who it was.

I didn’t tell my parents because I was afraid Dad would kill someone and Mom would cry.

12. That will stick with you.

I saw my step mother have s*x with my drug dealer for coke and I waited outside the room while he f**ked her.

This was 15 yrs ago I’ve never told anyone.

11. To protect her parents.

I didn’t tell my parents that I was raped when I was 20 because I knew it would devastate them.

Then one day a few years later I was walking home and some creep started to follow me and told me he’d make me choke on his d*%k then slit my throat. I called the police but they didn’t pick up the phone and at one point I was thinking about just stepping into traffic (it was next to a busy enough road) because even getting hit by a van seemed like a better alternative than being raped again.

Fortunately I noticed someone parking down and I managed to run to them and knock on their driver’s side window and the creep vanished. When I got home I couldn’t hide how distressed I was, I was uncontrollably crying and just kept repeating that someone was following me and what they said.

My father then proceeded to pull a giant knife out of one of his drawers then asked me if I wanted to take a walk with him and see if the guy is still around. He also told me we’d call the police and that he has the knife just for safety but I’m honestly not sure he would have been able to just stand there until police arrives.

I have never seen him like that, I’ve seen him angry before this plenty of times, but he was eerily calm and collected. Even his moves were a little… Robotic? I’m sooo glad I haven’t told them about my rape, it would have been pretty easy for them to figure out who did it and now my father would probably be in prison.

10. Not one but two.

Two instances of incest in the family that only me and the people who did the thing know about.

9. They just let it go.

In high school a few football players would grab my a$$, chest, and crotch. This happened to other girls, too.

Teachers and counselors saw it and did nothing so I didn’t make a big deal out of it. Realized just how horrible it was years later.

8. A very sad story.

I know a guy cheating on his wife with a girl in a different country. He strung her along for years and eventfully ghosted her when he got bored.

She was so distraught that she swallowed a bunch of pills. She made it out and still randomly sends him emails begging for him to take her back.

7. Definitely not normal.

That was said to me by a child psychologist with a “never ever tell that story to anyone” over ten years ago so I’m hoping for some kind of a lot of time has passed forgiveness.

She was working with a family with two sons aged 4 and 6. Your typical cornflakes ad type middle class family. The boys were presenting aggressive, violent and out of place behaviour towards each other. She was staying with the family to observe and monitor and figure out what was wrong.

The boys went to have a bath and mom agreed for my friend to help. Younger boy started giving the older one a b**w job. Mom did not react, business as usual. My friend did, basically asking what the hell.

Mom tried to explain it’s normal and it makes them calmer and go to sleep quicker so she allows it. Long story short one of the family members was s*xually abusing the boys and they just picked up the behaviours but were then compensating with being both very s*xual and very violent with each other.

My friend guided them towards an experienced psychiatrists as well as reported to the nearest police station and got out of there.

6. I hope he told someone and they believed him.

My ex-step brother pulled me into the bathroom, turned the shower on, and made me give him handjobs when I was 9 years old.

It’s the reason why I’m uncomfortable with my girlfriends being in the bathroom at the same time as me.

5. I mean yikes.

I know that a friend of mine is responsible for the death of at least two people and maybe more. My friend used to use a website to sell drugs online in addition to dealing on a limited bases in person. He mostly sold molly, mescaline and weed.

He was making decent money but kept his operation small because he didn’t want to attract a lot of attention. Long story short, his regular connect got busted so he had to find another person to source his product from fast. His friend introduced him to this sketchy dude when they were at a bar downtown. The idea was that this was a business meet up so he asked my friend if he wanted to buy anything and he tells him that he’s got hookups for really good blow and weed.

Now, I should mention that my friend is normally a really cautious dude and normally wouldn’t get into business with someone he didn’t know, but he was desperate for a new connect because his regular clients were starting to go elsewhere. I mean, this is how this dude was paying his rent. So, he agrees to purchase coke off and weed off of him, just until he can find a better connect. FFW a couple of weeks and the arrangement is going well. He’s tested the blow for opiates and its all clean, plus he’s getting decent feedback from his clients.

Consequently, he ends up getting complacent. He ends up not testing some batches of coke, assuming that this new connect is solid. Everything is still fine, clients keep coming back, saying it good stuff. Then, all of the sudden, he starts seeing FB posts about one of his clients. Friends and family members are posting, saying that he’ll pull through, pray for our boy and all sorts of stuff like that. So he gets paranoid and tests the rest of the batch that he has.

Sure enough, its positive for opiates, probably fentanyl. He freaks out. He starts messaging everyone he’s sold to on a burner, telling them to dump the s*%t, he’ll get them back. Sure enough, the sister, who he is also friends with on FB, of one of the guys he sold to messages him and tells him that her brother is in the hospital from an OD too.

He freaks out, doesn’t message anyone back. Deletes his account on the website and dumped all of his s*%t. Both of these kids OD’d and were brain dead due to a lack of oxygen so the respective families pulled the plugs. He also sold about an ounce of the blow online too, so who knows how many people he may of killed. My friend waited for days for the cops to come and bust his door down, but no one ever came to question him.

Shortly after my buddy left town and transferred to a different college. This was about 7 or 8 years ago and since then he has finished college, has a decent job and has a new fiancé.

He’s doing really well from what I can see but damn I can’t imagine how busted up he still is. Only him, myself and maybe his brother know.

4. She earned that PTSD.

I was s*xually assaulted in the military and often the only female in any unit I was a part of. Bathrooms always made me uneasy because the outer doors don’t lock (bathrooms at work) and I really had no choice but to shower after PT every morning, alone, in a building full of dudes, some of whom had SA’d me.

To this day, being in any shower including my own shower freaks me out. I have to constantly check around the curtain.

3. Hard to forgive.

My stepdad molested me and my younger sibling when we were kids. My mom sided with him. He’s gone now, but the reason why he was kicked out is ridiculous. It was because he cheated on my mom.

Me and my mom have tried working on our relationship but I will always hate her for that, no one else knows about that except for my family of course.

2. I hope she’s ok.

My ex was raped while we were together in high school.

she tried killing herself because her parents wouldn’t let her get an abortion. They moved away and I never saw them again after that.

1. A little something wholesome.

This question reminds me of when my grandmother revealed her “dark secret” when my grandfather died (which was on October 28, ironically… but many years ago).

Her big dark secret was that she lied about her age, and she was actually 3 years older than she said but she didn’t want to be older than her significant other. And she kept that secret until he died and then told the whole family.

Most wholesome deep dark secret I’ve ever heard.

I couldn’t do it, y’all. I’m terrible at secrets. No one tell me anything awful.

Are you keeping a secret? Is it yours or someone else’s? If you need to anonymously unburden yourself, our comments are open!