14 Films That Would Have Totally Different Plots if You Removed a Single Letter from Their Titles

Image Credit: Reddit

Reddit is a great place to go when you want to muse on the “what ifs” of life – even when they’re silly or throwaway musings like this one.

Basically, someone asked: if you removed a single letter from a film title, how would that change the plot?

If you’re in the mood for random, well, these 14 Redditors bring it in spades.

14. That IS sad.

Aging Bull

The sad story of an elderly bovine

13. Sounds like the perfect plot for a sequel.

Dude, Here’s My Car. After a crazy night, Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott decide to leave their place, only to find that the car is exactly where they had parked it the previous day.

12. Sounds like a snoozefest.

Casio Royale

Almost 3 hours of nothing but piano and synthesizer performances.

11. This is GOLD.

Cath Me if you Can. An aging Leo is stuck in a retirement home, and spends his day evading the nurses’ attempts to locate him and apply his catheter.

10. Too much like reality, methinks.

Irates of the Caribbean.

A family with anger issues takes a vacation to various caribbean islands and wreak havoc as everything causes them to throw a raging fit.

9. Well isn’t that a nice little fit.

Mr. & Mrs. Sith

A force wielding husband and wife try to get along in modern day Milwaukee.

8. Oh em gee stahp.

28 Ays Later: The Fonz Strikes Back

7. I could actually see this working.

Land Before Tim – A retrospective about the world before the birth of Tim.

6. Those are fairly odd details, but okay.

Sven Samurai – A poor village under attack by bandits recruits Sven, a recently retired Ikea cashier, as a samurai to help them defend themselves.

5. Coming soon to Discovery.

Tar Wars. The story of the intense rivalry between road work contractors.

4. Or, you know. What the rest of us were thinking.

A New Hoe

Luke Skywalker gets a new tool for farming.

3. Oscar-worthy, for sure.

Need for seed. Old farmer travels the land in search for seeds to save his farm and lives of his hungry family.

2. Take my money.

Finding Neo

A Matrix franchise reboot

1. A story of accepting your gas?

One With The Wind – A man finally accepts and learns to live with the wind

I’m not sure I would be clever enough to come up with something like this, even if had days to think about it!

What would your contribution be? Hit us with it in the comments!