14 Hilarious Posts by Older People Still Figuring Out Social Media

Image Credit: Reddit

Honestly, I feel like we should take advantage of screenshots like these 14 while we still can – the Silent Generation is waning (though even my 96yo grandmother uses Facebook), and at least half of the Boomer parents and grandparents I know navigate the day-to-day basics of scrolling and commenting without winding up on a list like this.

So, let’s do this now while we can, and remember – we’re not laughing at them. Or maybe we are, but they probably can’t hear us anyway.

14. Grandpa doesn’t mess around.

Gotta respect that.

13. I’m pretty sure Granny knew just what she was doing.

And she’s kind of a legend.

12. This could be pertinent information.

If you’re going to have a family gathering, for instance.

11. That’s what you get if you give your mom access to your computer.

I’m just saying. It could have been worse.

10. I’m not so sure that was an accident.

Kid for sale.

9. How sweet.

I don’t think it will help on the test though.

8. Just the sweetest.

Grandmas are the best.

7. Some people get awesome grandmas.

This girl got the very best.

6. She gets it enough.


5. She has a valid point. What did Rhianna ever do to you?

4. Now none of us can stop thinking about it.

You’re welcome, I guess?

3. Someone really likes trucks.

Hopefully the whole family.

2. Go on with your bad self.


1. That definitely qualifies.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I do love these posts. They’re so innocent and pure.

Has an older person in your life cracked you up while using technology?

If so, tell us about it in the comments!