14 Hilarious Text Conversations You Won’t Want To Miss

I love when people share their hilarious text conversations. Some people are more confidence and comfortable with back-and-forth banter when they’re talking to someone they know, and so the humor and the burns are usually fantastic.

But how would we know, how would we get to laugh, too, if screenshots weren’t a thing? As long as both parties consent to it being shared, I think they’re obligated to do so – because if there’s one thing that’s true about the internet, it’s that it’s main job is to entertain us 24/7.

Which is exactly what these 14 conversations are about to do.

14. There are good people out there.

This is proof.

13. Talk about a Freudian slip.

We all have both these days.

12. He said what he said.

I’m not sure he’s wrong.

11. I think that’s a challenge, sir.

And I would be scared.

10. Well this is awkward.

They could have at least said please.

9. Ok the reasons aren’t secret.

Everyone knows you just don’t want to.

8. A Dad response we can all get behind.

A classic.

7. Cats do what they want.

I’m surprised they haven’t figured that out by now.

6. I don’t like when the robots start texting.

That’s a good way to get smashed, Herbert.

5. She thought she had to spell it out.

Bless her heart.

4. Is that…supposed to be a compliment?

This guy is learning game from Mr. Darcy.

3. Should have left well enough alone.

Lesson learned. Probably.

2. He didn’t even reply.

That’s gotta hurt.

1. No one cares.

At least, no one with self confidence does.

I know my friends and I are pretty funny when no one is looking, too.

Prove it, you say? Maybe I will!

You go first.