14 Iconic Musicians Photoshopped Side-By-Side With Their Younger Selves

Image Credit: Ard Gelinck

It is a fact of life that everyone ages, but before you go thinking that’s a reason to be melancholy or sad, think about this – getting older is better than the alternative.

So, while it’s fun to visit the past and see what these popular musicians looked like then and now, let’s remember to say a little thank you that they’re still with us, no matter what they look like or what they’re up to these days.

And while we’re at it, say a little thank you to Dutch graphic designer Ard Gelinc, who hooked us up with these fun edits.

14. Super smooth, always.

This is an amazing edit.


13. Nena looks super happy in both pictures.

And wow did she sort of look like Britney Spears when she was younger!


12. The power of love, y’all.

Bruce Springsteen has it.


11. Susanna Hoff of The Bangles.

It’s just another Manic Monday…


10. I love this edit of Robbie Williams.

Their eyes say so much.


9. Jamie Westland is a successful Dutch drummer.

And if you ask me, super handsome both then and now.


8. I remember that fresh-faced girl.

I hope someday the adult Britney finds her way back.


7. Do you think little B knew what was coming for her?

That one day she would be Queen?


6. Whitney Houston. Sigh.

Iconic doesn’t even begin to cover it.


5. Jon Bon Jovi with his younger self.

Something about this makes my heart hurt.


4. Just beautiful.

The look in her eyes is nearly the same.


3. That’s what Justin Bieber looks like now?

I swear when you get older kids stay the same in your mind.


2. Yo, let’s kick it.

Vanilla Ice is aging pretty well, y’all.


1. Bette Midler’s smile is exactly the same.

It just makes you happy.


This has been a fun trip down memory lane, don’t you think?

Use the comments to tell us about the first live concert you ever attended (mine was Boyz II Men)!