These 3 Acts of Kindness Might Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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It can be hard some days to remember that people are inherently good. The news is constantly pummeling us with atrocities, and most of tangle with people every day, in real life or online, who make us almost wish another giant asteroid was incoming.

These 3 stories will make you feel the opposite, though, and I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly what I need some days.

3. These are hard times, and community is the only way through it.

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“My mother just called me. She had ordered some flowers from a small local store, to be delivered and dropped on the porch. When they brought the flowers, they said, ‘Hang on, we have something for you.’

The driver went back to the truck and proceeded to bring out a bag of hot meals, and then MULTIPLE bags of groceries. My mom was speechless and asked why. They said, ‘When you called, you mentioned you had promised your daughter not to go out, so we were worried you had no food and brought some.’
My parents have plenty of food. I’ve set up weekly deliveries. But this small business wanted to make sure. And they refused—REFUSED—payment for it. So I would like to shout out this business to the rooftops: Castle’s Garden, Lawn, & Landscape.”

One thing about coronavirus: there have been a shortage of toilet paper, but there absolutely wasn’t any shortage of kindness.

– @maureenjohnson

2. Good people are always willing to go above and beyond.

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Greg Dailey was keeping up with his regular paper route in central New Jersey when an elderly customer stopped him. She’d been having some trouble getting to the bottom of her driveway each morning for the paper, and if he could, would Greg mind pulling up to her garage and throwing it a bit closer to her house?

He obliged, of course. And if this customer was having trouble getting to the sidewalk for her paper, Greg realized, how was she getting her essentials under quarantine conditions? The next day, Greg included a note in each newspaper on his route: “My name is Greg Dailey and I deliver your newspaper every morning. I would like to offer my services—free of charge—to anyone who needs groceries.”

Since, Greg has carefully placed groceries and the morning paper, on the doorsteps of over 100 elderly citizens on his route.

CBS News

1. People really are good. Some of us, anyway.

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“Yesterday, my neighbour left me some homemade soup to pick up from outside; while I am recovering from a mild case of COVID-19.

When I got there, I found not only a big container of piping hot soup, but two huge bags of shopping.

I almost burst into tears. She barely knows me.”

The kindness of strangers never fails to amaze.


It’s like a salve for your soul, don’t you think?

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