People Share What Their “Warning Tag” Would be if Humans Had Them

If you’re a big fan of hypothetical situations, then we think you’re really going to enjoy what we have in store for you today.

Imagine a world where all human beings had warning tags, like the kind you see on different products.

You know: “High Voltage”, things like that…

What would your warning tag say?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. The whole package.

“CAUTION: hard to motivate, socially awkward and may come with traumatic memories.”

2. Needs it to survive.

“Do not use without coffee.”

3. Just letting you know.

“Caution: May act rude and not say hello.”

4. Just being honest.

“May be toxic and manipulative without realizing it.”

5. Seriously…

“Not to be taken seriously.

Seriously – don’t take me…”

6. You sound very unusual.

“Will not shut up about opera and samurais.”

7. Get ready for it.

“Warning: This person is somehow both quiet and talkative, and will offend someone.”

8. Don’t mess with me.

“WARNING: Easily annoyed.

So don’t even start.”

9. All over the place.

“Caution: This person can’t focus on one topic and in one sentence there will be at least 5 topic changes.”

10. A real wallflower.

“Warning: Cannot think of anything to add to a conversation but still enjoys listening.”

11. It’s what you’re fluent in.

“Speaks mostly in profanity.”

12. We got a keeper!

“Will spank you once I get comfortable around you.”

13. Barely hanging on.

“Low storage space.

Information may not be saved correctly.”

14. Gotta be careful.

“Warning: Extremely fragile.

Handle with care.”

15. Are you a Gremlin?

“Avoid direct sunlight and don’t feed after midnight.”

16. Broken.

“Emotionally broken.

Will become quickly attached to someone but drop people just as quickly, sometimes “just because” or maybe you blinked at me weird.”

17. I’m a loner.

“Does not play well with others.”

18. Gonna wear you down.

“May cause drowsiness.

Do not engage in conversation while driving or operating heavy machinery.”

19. False advertising.


Certain features aren’t as good as advertised!”

20. Keep it coming!

“Super insecure and needs to constantly hear that you love him or care about him or else he goes into super depressed mode.”

What would your warning tag be if you had one?

Tell us all about it in the comments.

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