14 Items You Should Keep On Hand, Just In Case

We all like to have a well-stocked home, pantry, and car, right? The last thing we want is to run out of something our family considers a necessity.

In our house, it’s ketchup. Because preschoolers.

These 14 items are a bit more serious than ketchup, and having them on hand could really make a bad situation just a little bit better.

14. She could see the future.

My wife is a nurse and comes from a family of preppers.

In 2018 she bought a whole lot of N95 masks for “just in case.”

13. It could save you in the long run.

Dashcam, can easily prove you innocent in an auto collision – some insurance even offer discounted rates if the insured vehicle has a dash cam.

I personally recommend a front & rear cam setup.

Ordered mine after one day of browsing r/IdiotsInCars.

12. Backups are great.

Here in Florida, air conditioning systems are our lifeline. One of the most common failures is the fan motor start capacitor for the compressor. It’s a cheap part ($20 to $50), but it always takes several days to get.

Without air conditioning in your home in Florida, not only will it be impossible to sleep, but your house will grow mold indoors in 2 days or less. This is exactly how AC repair companies get to charge $500+; they stock the parts, but refuse to sell you the part and charge the repair as an emergency.

So buy one and keep it as a backup.

11. Just in case.

Backup means of heating and cooking that don’t require electricity.

I live in Texas. Not going through that again.

Or blankets and food you can eat of the can such as beans.

10. The best answer.


Or as we call them at home. Lifesavers!

yeah everybody called me a mad man for always having 2x 20packs at home and then covid hit and i was laughing and shi**ing without worries.

9. When you need them, it’s immediately.

Tampons AND pain meds.

I laid in the shower for hours at 4am the other night, in the fetal position because I was vomiting in so much pain.

8. You can’t exactly run out to the store once you need it.


7. Not so stupid.

Generator. Ex GF said it was a stupid purchase and waste of money. Ended up using it for two days straight after a wind storm.

Had the fridges, fish tank a few lights, TV and internet going the whole time.

6. We all know it’s coming.

Bought a bunch of bags of road salt from Walmart recently. Only 97 cents per bag.

My girlfriend asked why “it’s not even cold out,” and I just said these same bags will be probably 3 bucks a pop when it’s storming.

5. It’ll happen eventually.

Flashlight for when the power goes out.

And candles.

4. Not great planning.


I work in a pharmacy and you’d be surprised at the number of calls we get wanting to refill 1 tablet of viagra and they’re on the way to pick it up.

Umm sorry sir my current wait time is 30 minutes. Awkward.

3. You’ll use it eventually.

Anything that doesn’t have an expiry date, that gets used with regularity, I stock up on.

Toilet paper, kitchen roll, dish soap, shower gel, hand soap, bleach etc

2. A good stash.

Basic cold/flu medicine, pain killers, muscle ache patches, bandages, toiler paper/paper towels, cleaning supplies, hair products, shampoo/body wash.

I usually stock up on stuff a bit so I don’t have to go out and purposely buy things.

1. Replace them, though.


Just be sure to replace the ones you have stored after a few years.

Finding your stash of condoms all expired a year ago is a depressing and sobering discovery.

I’m off to check my cabinets, y’all, how about you?

What else would you put on this list? Let us know in the comments!