14 Cool Maps of the U.S. Show How We Can Look at the World in Different Ways

Image Credit: Reddit

While the United States might be as divided as ever, there are a few things that can unite us. One of those things is reading about interesting information and putting it in the proper context.

That’s what the folks over at reddit/r/MapP**n like to do. Check out the following 14 maps that show all of the interesting ways that information about the U.S. (and beyond) are contextualized into something truly unique.

14. Puts the devastation into perspective.

And it’s a lot.

Area of the Australian bushfires compared to the United States from MapPorn

13. Way more on the east coast than I would have expected.

New Mexico making a good showing, though.

UFO Sightings in the United States Based on 90,000 Witness Reports from 1905 to 2015 from MapPorn

12. Reportedly haunted locations.

What is going on in Texas, y’all?

Map of reportedly haunted locations in the US (via Wikipedia). More info in comments! from MapPorn

11. Why do so many places think 16 year olds can make decisions?

18 is pushing it, honestly.

Age of Consent across the United States from MapPorn

10. Really puts it into perspective.

It’s honestly flooring.

Gun deaths per 100 000 in US cities compared to some of the most dangerous countries. Scary stuff… from MapPorn

9. Welp, I guess it’s time for me to move.

What is happening in Arizona?

Venomous animals in the United States from MapPorn

8. People with asthma, take note.

It really does matter where you live.

Mapping Where Traffic Pollution Hurts Children Most from MapPorn

7. We’re all in trouble.

That’s the bottom line here.

Cumulative rates of smoking, obesity & excessive drinking in the United States from MapPorn

6. No one is spared.

For once, we’re all in this together.

Drug overdose deaths by region. from MapPorn

5. This one just looks cool.

Kind of like lightning, I suppose.

Lightning strikes in the contiguous United States, 2018 from MapPorn

4. I guess it’s not unexpected.

I would have expected a bit more variety, though.

Places of death of American presidents from MapPorn

3. I hope y’all on the east coast have got some good bug spray.

Go west! That’s all I see…

Tick-borne disease cases in the United States (2017 data) from MapPorn

2. Whoa, Pennsylvania.

The schools are expensive there, I guess.

Average Debt of University Graduates in the United States in 2017/2018, by state from MapPorn

1. Goodness why are there still so many of these.

Let’s move on, y’all.

United States counties, or equivalents, still named after slave owners. from MapPorn

I just love cool maps – they’re so interesting!

If you do, too, share your favorite map with us in the comments. I’d love to see it.

OR… tell us which one of these made you really interested in learning more!