Man Installs Electric Fence To Keep Kids Off His Lawn And People Are Divided

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How many times did you hear that when you were growing up?

I think all of us heard this at least a few times when grumpy neighbors (usually of the elderly variety) would lose their shit if you set foot on their closely-guarded property.

But one man in Virginia took it to an extreme when he installed an electric fence around his yard to keep kids off his lawn…and it’s right next to a bus stop where middle schoolers and high schoolers catch a ride to school in the morning.

Photo Credit: YouTube,WSLS 10

The man who put up the fence is named Bryan Tucker and he said he did it keep kids from trespassing and littering on his lawn. There was no warning sign that the fence was electric, however, which resulted in some parents calling the cops.

Photo Credit: YouTube,WSLS 10

People were pretty pissed off about this development and Tucker responded:

“I’m not in charge of other people’s children. I’m not directing other people’s children what to do.

All I can do is protect myself and that’s why I’ve got a fence up. Show me what’s the truth, you know everybody’s just giving me different words.”

Photo Credit: YouTube,WSLS 10

Here’s a local news report about the story from Virginia.

What do you think?

Did this man go too far or is he justified in erecting an electric fence around his property to keep those pesky kids off his lawn?

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