14 Memes for Anyone Who Enjoys Dark Humor

If ever there was a time when dark humor seems more appropriate, it would be the entire year of 2020.

So, even if dark humor isn’t necessarily always your thing, it might be right now – you should give these 14 memes a try and see how they work for you.

14. I’ve been like this my whole life.

The sleep deprivation of motherhood has only made it worse.

13. This isn’t funny it just hurts.

My heart.

12. My husband has ADHD and can confirm.

I need to hang this on my wall and look at it when I want to strangle him.

11. Cuddle your dudes, no matter their size.

I cuddle my baby dudes all the time.

10. Why coffee is honestly magic.

What would we do without it?

9. Taco Bell employees are woke.

We don’t give them enough credit I guess.

8. I miss so often…

But not with the second cup. Ha!

7. How much do you have to use?

Definitely asking for me.

6. It goes with everything!

I honestly think the fact that it’s less work is most of the appeal.

5. That’s honestly a lot some days.

Mostly it’s “everyone is stupid” these days.

4. This is not how is should be.

But, I’m guessing, why so many people go untreated.

3. It’s funny because it’s true.

Which is also why it’s okay to cry.

2. That sounds right.

You gotta have the real stuff.

1. The face you make when everything is fine just fine.

It’s not fine at all and everyone knows it.

I definitely think these are pretty funny.

Let me know which ones really tickled you (even if you didn’t want them to).