13 Memes for Folks with Beautifully Dark Sensibilities

Via: Cheezburger

Some people are more drawn to dark humor, and bleak jokes, than others. That said, if ever there was a moment in time where more people might be leaning that way, 2020 seems to be it.

So, whether you already love dark jokes or are just feeling washed out today, these 13 memes just might make you laugh.

13. Isn’t that what everyone is doing?

No? Are you sure? Because…

12. Who thought this was a good idea?

It was someone popular with lots of friends, wasn’t it.

11. Why don’t more parents understand?

Is there a course? I know there’s Google.

10. It’s so cute when they all get along.

I mean both. Oops.

9. Target sells everything else.

And going there is probably your wife’s present to herself.

8. When you’re not even possesable.

That’s a blow to your ego.

7. This is a book about all of us.

If you’re paying attention, anyway.

6. This is basically the way it works.

That must be why I’m broke.

5. Just don’t put a mirror in your kitchen.

Maybe not anywhere else, either.

4. Just try not to sob by the end.

That’s how the original tune ended too.

3. This is so, so true.

You tell yourself to get a grip, but…

2. And by funny, he means…

Not at all funny, whether it’s you or someone you love.

1. Hang on for just a few more…months.

Twelve at most, I swear.

This was just what the doctor ordered for me, how about you?

Let me know which earned the biggest reluctant laugh from you today!