14 Memes That Will Delight the History Lover in All of Us

There is no reason for kids to hate learning history the way they typically do – I blame crappy teachers, to be honest, who force us to memorize boring stuff, never tell the fun stories, and fail to contextualize how the past can and does affect the present (and future).

If you love your memes with a dash of education and a whole lot of funny, these 14 history memes are going to be right up your alley.

14. Because even a dog can understand that.

One of the laws of the universe.

13. It’ll be easy, they thought.

They were wrong. As always.

12. Poor France.

They just wanted out of New Orleans really badly.

11. That seems accurate.

More or less.

10. And yet…

When you have enough people you’re willing to kill, anything is possible.

9. And we all know what happened next.

Twins are so weird, y’all.

8. The definition of bada$s.

Tell me who would do this today.

7. An apt metaphor.

What a freaking mess.

6. They really did get off easy.

All things considered.

5. They’ve never moved so fast.

And yes, they had regrets later.

4. Uh, yeah, that sounds right.

No one look this way, please.

3. A play in two acts.

Even a child can understand.

2. That kind of snuck up on ya, huh?

Trouble. That’s what it is.

1. This is basically correct.

Michael Scott is almost always applicable.

I’m going to share these with all my friends! All five of them! Okay, all two of them.

Don’t feel bad for me. I like my two friends.

Anyway… which one have you already forwarded? You can tell me!