14 Men Admit What They Didn’t Know Until They Lived With Their Girlfriends

You never know what something is REALLY like until you do it: it’s a fact of life.

And until you’ve lived with a significant other, well, you don’t know what it’s gonna be like.

Fellas who have been there know what I’m talking about, right?

Guys, what did you not know until you moved in with your girlfriend?

Here’s what Buzzfeed users had to say.

1. A big difference.

“The difference between ‘I’m not hungry at all’ and ‘I’m going to eat you alive because I’m desperately hungry’ is about five seconds.”

2. Now you know.

“The bathtub drain gets clogged by long hair very, very easily, which is why it gets pasted on the walls of the shower.

Any attempts to prevent one will result in the other.”

3. A big one.

“The toilet seat AND lid belong in the down position when it’s not in use.

It looks better and the dog doesn’t drink out of it.”

4. Who knew?!?!

“It feels pretty amazing to talk about thoughts and feelings while sober.

Who knew?”

5. Loud and proud.

“When girls pee after they get home from a long ride in the car/on the train, I swear to God it sounds like they’re frying chicken in there.”

6. Get rid of those things.

“I realized how much they really don’t like to wear bras.

Like at all…”

7. They’re just like us!

“I always assumed that hot girls have lives full of social activities and there are always people trying to date them.

Truth is, most of them are bored, wish they had more friends, and just watch Netflix at home by themselves after work like the rest of us.”

8. Bigfoot.

“Sometimes, the tiniest women have the heaviest step.

I learned this from having the bedroom under the kitchen.”

9. Time to wash the sheets again.

“Hopping in bed with jeans on is roughly equivalent to dumping month-old trash all over said bed.”

10. They show us the way.

“How totally feral and uncivilized I used to be.

It turns out that sunscreen is a thing! Decorating your home can make it look really nice! Doctor’s checkups are important!

There’s a reason that men who are in relationships live longer.”

11. There’s no escape.

“That decorative pillows are a thing.

You carefully choose and purchase them just so you can spend the rest of your life pushing them out of the way, and occasionally cleaning them.”

12. Hot-blooded.

“Women are always cold…always.

I can be sweating in shorts and a T-shirt, but my S.O. will be wrapped in blankets still.”

13. It’s everywhere.

“That women have magically regenerating hair.

Otherwise my girlfriend should be bald, judging by the amount of hair she leaves around the apartment.”

14. You can only wear that once!

“When I first moved in with my girlfriend, I got yelled at for putting ‘dirty’ clothes with my clean ones.

I was totally under the impression I could wear that shirt like two more times.”

Okay, guys, now we want you to speak up.

In the comments, tell us what you learned after you moved in with your girlfriend.

We can’t wait to hear from you!