What’s the Most Disturbing Thing You Found Out About Your Partner After You’d Been With Them for a While? People Spoke Up.

Have you ever dated or maybe even married someone and were with them for a number of years and then, BAM!, out of nowhere you find out something about them that really rocks your world?

Believe it or not, it happens all the time…and we’re about to hear some doozies.

Buzzfeed users shared stories about the most disturbing things they found out about their partners after they’d been with them for a while.

Let’s take a look.

1. A shocker.

“I’d been living with him for a year before I found out he’d been married and had two kids.

He’d signed away all parental rights because he ‘didn’t want to deal with his ex-wife.'”

2. Ugh.

“I learned my ex had a thing for younger women. I was 17 and he was 21 when we got together.

When I was 32, and he was 36, I found out he was having an affair…with a 17-year-old.”

3. Uh oh.

“I was going through a pretty crazy divorce and ended up meeting this guy who was going through the same thing.

Our situations were practically identical, and we hit it off immediately, really connecting over our tumultuous marriages and their subsequent demise. We’d been dating about a year when he proposed, and then, a month later, I found out we were pregnant. Well, that’s when s**t hit the fan…

Turns out, he was still married with a little one on the way; she was due in mere weeks. I left him and told his wife what had been going on.

She also left him. He had a job where he was on call and would travel, so it was easy for him to mask his double life. A true sociopath if ever there was one.”

4. Don’t get her mad.

“I found out how mean she could be to people. She burned more bridges with friends in the three years we were together than I’ve done in my whole life.

She’s generally pretty sweet, but when she gets pi**ed off, she will say some of the meanest things I’ve ever heard.

It took me a long time to recognize the common denominator because we rarely had any problems.”

5. Everyone has a past.

“My husband would make me feel bad about the number of partners I had before we got together. He said I had a high number in such a short amount of time.

He had only two partners more than me and is three years older. Well, after seven years of marriage and eight years together, he told me he had a higher amount of partners. Much higher.

His higher number was irrelevant to the fact that he made me feel guilty for my number of partners. I carried that guilt for years.”

6. Big news.

“My ex broke down one day and told me that he had a son that he hadn’t told me about.

It was this sob story about an older woman who really wanted a child but didn’t want the strings of a father around, so he ‘did her a favor’ and knocked her up.

I think he just felt that I needed to know, and he even had a photo of said child in his wallet. I was super young at the time (I think I was 20), so I was like OK, whatevs.

Flash-forward a year later, and he confessed to me that he had made up the story. The kid in the photo was really his little brother…like, his mom’s child… What a freak! Only psychopaths lie like this, and your mom’s kid??!! WTF!”

7. Weirdo.

“”He kept a s** calendar/book; I came across it two years into the relationship.

He had symbols for what he did with the woman and notes like if it happened on the first date or not. For example, X = kissing and so on.

The first few months of dating before becoming ‘exclusive,’ he told me I was the only woman he was with. Well, according to the calendar I was far from, sometimes multiple women in a day.”

8. A small detail.

“My wife waited until I asked her to marry me to tell me she was still married — after she said yes.

They had been separated for seven years but never finalized it.”

9. Awful.

“My ex-husband is terrible with money. Has been his entire adult life, even now. When we started dating, we were broke college kids; we both had part-time jobs, but he never seemed to have money.

Over the years, he graduated, got a good job, we married, and had a baby. My excellent credit history slipped huge, and I amassed a ton of debt because of his spending habits.

When he left me for another woman, he left me over $30,000 in marital debt, and through the power of his attorney, I was stuck with it.

We’ve been divorced for going on four years, and I’m just starting to recover financially. And now, he pays child support for our child on top of taking care of his new family.”

10. In the back of your head.

“My girlfriend cheated on her last boyfriend. Not for love but because she was mad at him.

She was still young then and really regrets it, but it would probably have been a deal breaker if I knew before I fell head over heels for her.

We have a great, stable relationship, but it’s still nagging in the back of my head from time to time and makes me insecure…”

11. Scandalous.

“I didn’t realize any of these things until she moved in with me, and it became clear that she was barely a functioning adult.

She couldn’t use a washing machine, iron, or dishwasher. She had no ambition. She dealt with her problems by going to bed early and hoping they’d solved themselves by morning. (Spoiler: They hadn’t.)

She spent all her money on her horse and had to borrow money for fuel to get to work by the third week of most months. The only thing she could cook was fries and chicken nuggets… She didn’t consider tidying up after herself to be normal, and she would proudly text me when she did some laundry or the washing up…

But mainly, she liked to sleep with other dudes.”

12. Not a good sign.

“She’s rude to customer service staff if things don’t go her way.

It’s happened a few times in the years I’ve known her and only when she’s already a bit grumpy, but if it had happened in the first couple of months, we probably wouldn’t still be together.”

Have you ever discovered something disturbing about your partner after you’d been with them for a while?

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