14 Messages That Should Make Everyone Laugh (Or Cringe)

If you send a message to someone over text – a friend, an enemy, a potential date – you have to know that some day it could wind up on the internet.

For most of us, maybe that’s not a big concern because we don’t normally say things that would be considered “cringe.”

For these 14 people, though…well, maybe they should have thought things through just a tad more.

14. So many people pleasers out there.

We just don’t want anyone to be mad at us.

13. I’m pretty sure dads are proud of this fact.

Otherwise they would knock it off.

12. Epic.

What other response could there be?

11. I have a feeling he crapped his pants.

Or at least worried for a few minutes.

10. This cracked me up.

That mom has run out of her sense of humor.


9. Haha fun fact.

Why are those so often not fun at all?

8. If that’s what you’re looking for…

Otherwise sure, come on over.

7. Almost 30 lol.

Wait 10 years, babe.

6. Oh my.

I am absolutely deceased.

5. Bless his heart.

I mean seriously.

4. Full enlightenment takes time.

But I think this must be fake bc bosses don’t care.

3. Oh man, some friend.

Sorry if this is weird lol.

2. Both things can be true.

Most often they are.

1. Left on read.

Sometimes you just can’t even muster a reply.


People are hilarious, right?

That’s gotta be the takeaway. Otherwise there’s just no hope.