14 Mysteries That Have Finally Been Solved

Reading about mysteries that haven’t been solved is great, except for the part where there aren’t any answers and we’re all left wondering forever what really happened.

It’s much more satisfying, I think, to have your interest totally piqued and then get to find out what happens. Don’t you agree?

If so, we’ve got 14 doozies for you below!

14. That documentary was insane.

The documentary The Jinx.

TL;DW; Robert Durst’s first wife went missing and then another woman who had evidence that Robert Durst was behind the disappearance was murdered. Later Robert Durst was able to walk free after murdering a third person. A camera crew interviews him.

Eventually, the film crew uncover evidence that Robert Durst was behind the disappearance and murder and show it to him and immediately Robert Durst acts weird.

And THEN he admits it, but off camera. However, a mic was on.

He went to jail.

13. Not aliens, but still scary.

The government really did hide what crashed at Roswell in 1947. It was a conspiracy to hide the truth.

Aliens? No. Weather balloon? Nope.

The wreckage that the New Mexico rancher discovered – and was subsequently whisked away by the government and covered up with the “weather balloon” story – was a high-altitude nuclear weapons detection platform called Project Mogul.

Being at the beginning of the Cold War and the nuclear era, of course it was highly classified, so when the feds figured out what the rancher had they were like “holy fuck we need to hide this shit.”

It was finally declassified almost 50 years later. No little green men. No alien bodies. Just a bunch of arguably justified paranoid military folks attempting to hide a pretty big fuck-up.

12. It was all down to the cotton swabs.

In Germany, there was the ‘ phantom of Heilbronn’. Decades apart there were traces of DNA being found on crime scenes. From shoplifting to murder- it was all the same DNA. Dozens of crimes from all over Germany were traced back to this one, female DNA. The DNA was found in the form of blood, sweat, hair and skin. Hundreds of thousands of euros were invested to find the Criminal who had apparently committed all of these crimes.

After years of researching, police found out that the DNA that had been found belonged to a woman who worked in the factory that produced cotton sticks. These cotton swabs have been used by police all over Germany to take the DNA samples. The woman had contaminated some of the swabs she produced or packed.

The company later stated that their cotton swabs were sterile but not guaranteed to be free of DNA and should only be used for bacterial samples, not for DNA samples.

In conclusion, a funny story emerged, money was wasted, dozens of crimes went unsolved and police forces switched their cotton swab companies.

11. I hope that French guy shows up on there one day.

I remember the day I went on /r/UnresolvedMysteries and the top post was “EAR/ONS has been officially caught”.

That was a mystery that no one ever thought would get solved, or if it did, it would turn out the guy was either dead or in jail for something else.

Seeing the headline was surreal.

10. Welp, at least it was solved?

The Phantom of Heilbronn.

Supposedly a female serial killer responsible for 6 deaths, it turned out that the DNA collected from the crime scenes had already been on the cotton swabs that were used for gathering DNA samples.

9. You can still believe whatever you want, though.

The Bermuda Triangle – looked so spooky as a kid but found out it was just large area that had normal loses blown out of proportion.

8. I’m still waiting for confirmation.

The Rocky Mountains treasure was finally found a few months ago

A wealthy art dealer was told he had terminal cancer (it wasn’t actually) but he thought he was gonna die

He also was an avid lover of the outdoors, and in an effort to get people to go outside he hid $1 million of gold and jewels somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

He gave out some hints and I think it was a poem? That detailed the location of the treasure

Thousands of people searched.

Some people won the Darwin Award, not realizing the treasure was some where that a 80 year old man could easily go

It was finally discovered by a unnamed individual a few months ago. A image of the treasure has also been released

7. Car people, rejoice!

For decades car enthusiasts and Mustang fans though the green ‘68 Ford Mustangs used in the Steve McQueen movie Bullitt were lost or destroyed and no one would ever know what happened to them One was found in a junk yard in Mexico, the other had been garaged by its owners since the 80’s.

6. When you’re caught you’re caught.

Stephanie Lazarus…the Los Angeles detective who for 20 years thought she got away with murdering her married ex-boyfriend. Trust me, this is the most fascinating interview you will ever watch because she knows all of the tricks of the trade and yet still cannot get herself out of the trap:


5. These are the best kinds of mysteries.

That Easter Island heads go all the way into the ground.

4. Those DNA services are good for something.

Some context on the Golden State Killer: police accessed the databases of DNA profiles from sites like Ancestry and 23 And Me, and found a very close match to DNA evidence from the crime scenes–it had to be a close family member.

3. I like the truth but I hate stories like this.

Duke lacrosse players rape accusations- glad the truth came out.

There were so many questions about that night, and it turned out to be untrue.

The accuser had a very tragic life.

2. When it looks nefarious, but it’s not.

Sorry, I don’t remember specific names and the details are sketchy, but there was a case in Australia about 40+ years ago where someone left a party and was later found dead on a bush path. It looked like they had met with foul play on their way home.

But no strong evidence could be gathered. The case dragged on for years without much progress. Eventually, it was determined that the path was near a swamp. That night had the exact conditions necessary to generate poisonous swamp gas. The gas wafted from the swamp to the shallow valley of the adjacent bush path and overcame the victim.

1. Imma have to go and look this one up.

The disappearance of 9yo Australian girl Samantha Knight at Bondi in the 1980s.

I’m feeling informed AND satisfied! What a combo!

Do you have a favorite mystery that has already been solved? Share it with us in the comments!