14 of the Best Memes Inspired by ‘Tiger King’

Image Credit: Twitter

There’s no way to avoid Netflix’s surprise mega hit documentary Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness.

Seriously, even if it’s not for you and you’ve been studiously avoiding watching the seven hours of crazy, there’s no way to be on the internet and not have heard about it, and soaked up secondhand at least a vague idea of what it’s all about – the crazy cast of characters, the grossness of owning exotic animals in the States, and sure, the resulting memes.

There are so, so many worthy ones out there, but these are 14 of our favorites.

14. Oh my goodness they even got the teeth right.

13. I will never get over the waverunner montage.

12. She’s just such a hypocrite, though.

11. Such an astute observation.

10. Technically speaking, I think we all know what happened to Carole’s husband.

9. Filed under things you can never unsee.

8. He never misses a chance to be the hero.

7. And so many more.

6. There’s no need for anyone else to audition.

5. We did all need a distraction.

4. The ultimate uniter…

3. I had to actually say out loud “is he in his bathtub” before my brain would believe it.

2. Honestly I don’t think he’s young enough.

1. The comparison between Joe Exotic and Mr. Crabs is not far off-base.

I cannot get enough of these, even though I kind of hate myself for watching the entire documentary.

Have you seen a Tiger King meme that isn’t on this list? If it’s awesome, share it with us in the comments!