14 Of The Funniest And Harshest Resignation Letters People Have Sent

There comes a time in all of our lives when we know deep in our souls that it’s time to move on from our current job. Time to tackle a new challenge, or go for more money, or move to a new place – whatever it is, you know it’s time to craft the perfect resignation letter.

Now, the kind of resignation you turn in has a lot to do with your experience at your current job (and maybe how much you need their glowing recommendation for a new one), though – and these 14 people were definitely out of f**ks.

14. Keeping it classy.

They must have appreciate this.

Handing in this resignation letter today
byu/Some_guy_named_Lewis infunny

13. A condolence card is the best way to go.

This is actually hilarious.

I just quit my job the best way I know how.
byu/springmint5 infunny

12. Very creative.

Too time consuming for me, though.

I work at a supermarket and this is my resignation letter
byu/dpthomas94 infunny

11. He really thought that one through.

And on a cake, no less!

10. I hope this was worth it.

Because it probably cost a pretty penny.

Best Resignation Letter Ever
byu/its_eh infunny

9. This is pretty epic.

Like, I want to be this guy’s friend.

One of my co-workers quit today. We found this on his desktop. [PIC]
byu/assumetehposition inpics

8. This is downright evil.

I absolutely love it.

I quit my terrible job by turning my resignation letter into a glitterbomb. Take that, horrible boss lady.
byu/youwhoneverarrived infunny

7. At least he gave them a picture, too.

That’s gotta make you feel good.

[Not mine] very creative resignation letter
byu/thicc_wassabii inantiwork

6. These people resigning with snacks are so nice.

Nicer than I would have been.

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5. Flown the coop.

Far, far away from here.

A resignation letter from my last job
byu/Critical_Composer106 inantiwork

4. I appreciate a good theme.

Hopefully his boss did, too.

My coworkers resignation letter…
byu/mofo_taco infunny

3. I love the Spongebob reference.

It’s never a bad time.

Resigning from a shitty job with style.
byu/skolopendron inantiwork

2. Don’t be sad.

We’re all going to be better off.

My friends letter of resignation. It went down a storm in his office!
byu/Ordy1990 infunny

1. Let them eat cake.

It’s a fine parting gift.

Today I handed in the most delicious letter of resignation ever
byu/markjherman inpics

I mean, who among us has not had a job they wished they could resign from in this manner? It’s a whole mood, for sure.

Have you ever been able to quit your job with prejudice? Please tell us the story in the comments!