13 Hilariously Brutal Letters Of Resignation

When it comes time to resign from our jobs, we all have to wrestle with the awkward notion of how and when to resign. It depends on how much you enjoy your job, how great your boss has been, and honestly, whether or not you need them to write you a recommendation in the future.

These 13 people were in the position to not give one single f**k, and the resulting resignation letters are 100% hilarious.

13. Pure poetry.

I hope that the boss sung it in his head as he read.

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12. When you put the angry guy in charge of the sign.

It’s only a matter of time until this happens.

What a great letter of resignation
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11. Quality work. Homer is always the best way to go.

You will not convince my 80s heart otherwise.

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10. They are about to experience a loss.

It’s only polite to send a card.

This was my resignation letter to my work. I gave them a sympathy card 😂
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9. Excellent reference. I approve.

And mints for everyone!

MRW I quit my job but want a good reference

8. A picture for emphasis.

Just in case they weren’t getting it.

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7. He was here.

But he’s not here anymore.

6. I would have chosen a different font.

But still, it’s quality work.

Resigned from my job. my friends said I should post up my letter of resignation
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5. I never would have come up with this.

It’s brilliant, though.

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4. Twin quitting cakes!

You’ve gotta have enough to go around.

Look what my coworker and I left on the break room table today
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3. We’re breaking up, boo.

The lackluster photoshop job is hilarious.

2. Just the basics.

This is a ridiculous quibble and I know why they’re quitting.

My ex-manager wouldn’t give me my last paycheck without a resignation letter…
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1. Everyone’s a jokester.

And I, for one, am happy about it.

Y’all, I wish I had the balls to do something like this because it’s totally classic.

What’s the most epic way you’ve ever quit a job? We want to hear the best of the best down in the comments!