10 Neighbors Describe Their Hilariously Close Encounters of the Awkward Kind

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When I lived in my last apartment, I never really got to know my neighbors.

But I definitely got to HEAR one of them plenty.

I was awoken on many a night by their amorous encounters, and used to imagine taping a note to the front door suggesting that if she was THAT loud she must be faking.

Living in such close proximity does invite an interesting brand of conflict and awkwardness.

Recently, people shared their most uncomfortable interactions with their neighbors.

Some were hilarious, and a surprising number of them centered around intimate activities.

1. I guess I could have gone this route

I think I DID resort to this in college.

Me and my boyfriend were having really intense s** the other night. He effed me so hard our neighbors started banging back on the wall. So awkward!

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2. Good way to meet for the first time

And then be like “Sorry… (yawn) Late night… 😏”

Just met my neighborfor the first time in the elevator after getting a noise complaint for the loud s** I had the night prior. It was so awkward.

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3. No one likes a lookie-loo

But husbands most especially. Unless they’re into that.

I've caught my neighbors spying on my wife, multiple times, when she sunbathes. Last night I made eye contact with them. They've been avoiding me ever since!

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4. When a one-night stand turns into a casual hello


I hooked up with a dude a few apartments down just after I moved in. His boyfriend moved in with him shortly after that and now running into them in the elevator is so awkward.

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5. Whelp! That’s a story EVERYONE will be telling for years

Imagine if they’d called the police!

My husband made me scream so loud our neighbors came to check on me. He just put it in too deep and too fast. It was hilarious though!

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6. This is when you know it’s time to live ANYWHERE else

Get out while you can.

I caught my neighbor stealing my panties from the dryer. I need to move ASAP.

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7. This invites so many questions

Was he naked with the door open? Why did you go in without knocking first?

My cat got out into the hall and ran into my neighbor's apartment. He was in there naked... he's in his 50's and I was 22 at the time. So awkward.

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8. When they have sweet intentions…

But they just can’t take a hint.

My neighbor keeps trying to set me up with her daughter. She has no idea I'm gay. I feel bad, but I can't break it to her either.

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9. Maybe they won’t bring it up…

Maybe they’re not into you either?

Discovered that our neighbors are swingers... when we saw them at a swingers club. It's going to be very uncomfortable until our lease is up!

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10. If only they had left the note before moving

This was not me, by the way.

Our neighbors moved out. They were never nice to us. Then, we get a letter from them saying they moved because of our loud s**!!! It makes so much sense now.

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So. Much. Awkward. Seriously, people can be pretty inconsiderate, but also, as a species we’re not very good at communication.

Did you ever have an uncomfortable encounter with a neighbor? Share your story in the comments.