10 People Share Their Most Scary Moments in the Workplace

I’ve worked at half a dozen different places in my life, and by and large the settings have been pretty tame.

The wildest was probably a college dormitory.

After reading about hair-raising moments in the workplace, I wracked my brain to think what mine would be.

I did get off a plane once, on my way to London, only to hear that there had been a terrorist attack there WHILE I WAS IN THE AIR.

And when I worked in the library, there was a very creepy man who liked to follow me through the stacks.

Here, 10 other people share their scariest moments from a variety of different professions.

1. Babysitting can be VERY scary

From kids running off to the unknowns of dry drowning, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

When I used to babysit, I once thought I lost the kid at the park. I've never been so terrified in my life!

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2. Even Domino’s has its creep-factor

Dumb pranks can get can cross a line from annoying to scary.

I used to work at Domino's last year and this creepy guy would place the same order EVERY DAY and give us a fake address. We eventually informed the authorities. It got to a scary point.

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3. Driving for Uber would definitely have it’s uncomfortable moments

I’ve only had one bad experience as a rider, but I can only imagine how much worse it is for the drivers. Especially women.

I drive for Uber and some passengers give me anxiety. A few have really made me fear for my safety too. I keep pepper spray and a taser up front.

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4. Imagine BANK ROBBERS in this day and age

Sure heist movies are fun, but no one wants to live one!

I work at a bank and I was robbed yesterday. What's weird is I'm more afraid of him coming back to get me than being robbed again.

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5. Banks aside, who knew Department Stores were a hot spot for heists?

Yeah, but Dillards? I mean… DILLARDS??

Yes, I worked at Dillards for a few months and there were robberies every week. Sometimes they had no security on duty. Always scared someone would pull a gun on us.

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6. But did you know that it’s also dangerous to be a news anchor?

And I don’t mean in a war zone…

I'm a news reporter in the field. For how big our market is, it's crazy how little protection we have. Last year someone robbed the camera man filming me, then me and then stole our van. I'm still shook from that.

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7. I knew being a nurse took it’s toll on your body, but this is a lot

Like, did he think he was a vampire?

I'm an RN. People are nuts. I love my job, but I always leave home with fear when I'm heading into work. I once had a patient bite my neck real bad. I was scared I'd bleed out, honestly.

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8. Let’s talk about retail, whether it’s limited breaks or terrible customer behavior…

These people are the backbone of our economy and they’re treated like they’re nothing.

Once a girl at work fainted mid shop floor, smacked her head BAD on the way down. Blood was coming out of her head during CPR. Thought shew as going to die. Luckily she pulled through. Scariest momet on the job!

9. I could see construction being pretty scary

It’s so dangerous, and you have to trust your crew implicitly.

I work in construction. Today I almost dropped a scaffold pole on a workmate. Luckily, I caught it before it fell. This job sure keeps me on my toes...

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10. And then there are just… jobs that are spooky

For those you have 2 choices: stay or go.

I worked for this company for 3 nights only because I was so scared. I felt like people were watching me and I heard creepy noises. By day 3, I made a joke that the polace was haunted. I instantly had a nosebleed.

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Those were all pretty creepy.

I worked in a haunted bookstore once, but the ghosts never came to say hello.

What’s the scariest moment you’ve ever had at work? Tell us your story in the comments!