12 Reasons Why People Ended Their Relationships

Marriage can be hard. It takes work and commitment.

But sometimes, that’s not enough.

It can be important to try to make things work, especially when you love someone.

But life is short.

Sometimes, it’s best to recognize when it’s time to get out of dodge.

These 12 people figured it out, so that they could live happier lives.

1. Cheating, in general, tends to mean it’s over

Not always, and hat’s off to those who work through it. But yeah…

When my spouse came home smelling like sex, our marriage was over.

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2. If not the fact of cheating, the fact you don’t care

Yeah, that will do it for sure.

I knew my marriage was over when I walked in on him getting a BJ from a friend and all I thought was, at least I don't have to do it this weekend.

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3. Fighting is exhausting, and sometimes not worth it

Usually it signals a deeper problem at the root.

My ex and I were engaged, not married, but we called it off when we started fighting more often than not. We held on as long as we could but called it quits sooner than most in order to stay friends.

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4. Fighting is bad, but apathy is worse

I do kind of feel like this was the moment for the counselor to earn their pay though…

During counseling my wife told me that she checked out of our marriage. I knew it was over then.

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5. Apathy, in general, is just deeply toxic in a relationship

But at least you’re starting to get on the same page.

I knew my marriage was over when I told my husband I was going to start sleeping in our spare bedroom and he said ok and began his day like normal.

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6. But even worse than apathy is revulsion

I mean, once you get to that point, it’s definitely time to go.

I knew my marriage was over when I looked at him and just felt total disgust.

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7. Otherwise you could get to the point of questioning your whole identity

There’s no such thing as a perfect person, or a perfect relationship.

I knew my marriage was over when I started to doubt my sexuality. Yes it's possible to fall out of love with the perfect man, and no, I'm not into girls.

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8. Sometimes we are guilty of giving too much of ourselves

But sometimes that’s because they ask too much of us.

When I felt more like a mother than a wife, I knew it was time to end it with my husband.

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9. And there’s nothing wrong with loving your kids

I don’t have kids, but I actually thought everyone loved their kids more than anyone else alive.

I knew my marriage was over when I realized I love my kids more than him.

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10. And everyone is entitled to secrets…

But those secrets shouldn’t be about your relationship!

I knew my marriage was over when I explained why he logically never really loved me, and his response was can't I have any secrets of my own?

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11. In the “olden days” people got married for worse reasons

But I get his point.

I knew my marriage was over when my wife told my friends that she married me because she thought I would be a good provider and father. I married her because I loved her.

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12. You just hope you figure it out sooner…

…Rather than later…
(Were they contestants on Married at First Sight?)

I think I knew my marriage was over when I was walking down the aisle.

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Everyone has their reasons for calling it quits, and I’m not here to judge any of them.

What would be your hard line in the sand for ending a relationship? Tell us in the comments.