14 of the Most Painful Awkward Conversations to Ever Happen

We’re all a little bit awkward sometimes. Most of our human interactions take place digitally nowadays, so picking up on social cues is even more difficult than it was before.

Unfortunately, these 14 conversations took uncomfortable interactions to a completely new level.

Scroll through to read some seriously cringe-worthy conversations, and be thankful that you didn’t have them.

1. Missed connections

Imagine telling your kids this meet-cute.

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2. A different kind of bar

That’s one way to start your day!

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3. Too close for comfort

Talk about TMI.

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4. You’re moving a little fast

Well, at least this person said something nice!

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5. No shame in asking

If it’s what you need, it’s what you need.

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6. This is the worst

The only thing more awkward than this is when the employee at the airport check-in says, “Have a nice flight,” and you say, “You too.”

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7. LOL

There are only like three options, so I don’t see what the big deal is.

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8. That must be a pretty massive bag

Does it come with wheels?

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9. Oh no…

Well, at least you’re eligible for some deals.

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10. This dude kind of walked right into this one

Like, what was this person really expecting?

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11. Absolutely brutal

I guess it’s the thought that counts?

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12. Mom’s MIA

Wondering if that carpet cleaner ended up making this person a grilled cheese.

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13. This makes me want to hide forever

I would quit my job after this.

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14. Hospitality can cause some blurred lines

Pro tip: service folks are probably not flirting with you. They’re just trying to do their job.

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As embarrassing as our lives might be, at least we aren’t these people. Although, I wouldn’t totally be against it if telling “I love you” to strangers suddenly became socially acceptable.

What are some super awkward conversations you’ve had? Share them with us in the comments below!