14 of the Most Questionable Things People Have Said on the Internet

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People are really something. You know this whether you’ve spent years working in customer service, whether there are some special people in your own family, or honestly, if you own a Facebook account.

That said, even the most jaded among you have perhaps not seen anything as truly questionable as these 14 posts.

14. I hope they didn’t kidnap anyone.

Head injuries do cause confusion.

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13. Idk that’s not how math works?

I’m not very good at it either, but…

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12. I hope the school doesn’t see this.

I think they might have second thoughts.

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11. When they can’t even take a hint.

Or an outright correction.

tweet reading goodbye america hello new york

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10. Um, ever heard of combining numbers?

Or like…numbers?

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9. Yeah, she did.

Bless her heart.

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8. Awkward is one word for it.

The nicest one I can think of.

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7. You keep using that word.

I sure hope she doesn’t know what it means.

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6. No one tell her about the meat section.

That’s not going to go over well.

5. I can’t…

I think they might be serious?

She was going to double the time too… from facepalm

4. Straight is definitely an option.

But this person might want to increase their options.

3. Someone has never used a screwdriver.

Or a gun, so I guess that’s a win.

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2. At least he was honest?

He could have pretended the wire never existed.

1. Not…not really, though.

I could be that kind of vegan!

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I don’t know why I still allow people to surprise me, but here we are!

Did any of these get you shaking your head? Tell us which in the comments!