14 Parents Who Failed Despite A Good Honest Try

Parenting is about getting up and going at it another day, regardless of how good or bad of a day you had the day before. Most of us are trying as hard as we can, even when it doesn’t work out, and realize there’s nothing to do but roll with the punches.

These 14 parents were out there making innocent decisions and thinking nothing of it, only to realize later it was coming back to bite them.

14. Bless her heart.

It’s funnier that no one has tried to help her.

My mom thought this would delete her Netflix account. It’s been this way for TWO YEARS 😂 from funny

13. It’s time to just put the phone down.

Poor dads. They try so hard.

12. Well that’s disappointing.

Imagine his face.

My dad spent all summer growing this watermelon only for it to be just rind and seeds. from mildlyinfuriating

11. Noooo not the rechargeable mug!

Those things are life if you have kids.

My Mom is staying with us this week for thanksgiving. She wanted to make tea but instead of asking for help with the electric kettle she microwaved my chargeable self heating mug and caught it on fire. from mildlyinfuriating

10. This made me laugh so hard.

I can imagine my mother doing this.

The picture I get when my mom is having issues with her phone. from funny

9. Read the whole question, dad.


The way my dad “answered” my questions from mildlyinfuriating

8. More people should adopt this practice.

I’m just saying.

This is pinned above my dad’s computer to remind him not to call coworkers stupid from funny

7. That might be outdated.

But everything old is new again.

My mom has had this newspaper clipping pinned to the cork board in her kitchen since I was 12. I am now 26. from funny

6. She’s just recommending shows.

Or maybe not recommending shows. Hard to tell.

5. He didn’t even know he had an Instagram.

This could be creepy but maybe it’s just funny?

4. Such a dad note.

No way a mom wrote that.

This note my dad wrote me to get me out of PE from funny

3. What am I looking at?

I really have no idea how a person decides to do this.

Mom spray painted a perfectly good microwave w/fridge to match from mildlyinfuriating

Image Credit: Reddit

2. This is so something I would do.

You’ve gotta be able to improvise.

My parents threw me a belated birthday party at their house, and my Mom was confident she had the correct candles before I showed up. from funny

1. Worse or better to peel?

I need to know!

My step dad keeps forgetting to take the boiled eggs out of the freezer when they’ve cooled down from mildlyinfuriating

It happens to the best of us, right?

What’s the most surprising way you’ve failed at parenting? Tell us about it in the comments!